William Dunlap

William Dunlap

William Dunlap (* 19. February 1766 in Perth Amboy, new jersey, † 28. September 1839 in New York, New York) was an US-American painter and writer.

Dunlap begins as a painter, turns however already soon thatLetter too. As a dramatist it becomes one of the most fruitful stage authors young America. With André it writes the first important tragedy of the United States. It is considered also as the founders of the American theatre.

Starting from 1798 it gets used to with August Kotzebue and translates themselves its piecesin English and it produces. A resembling he dedicates himself to the works of August William Iffland, Heinrich Zschokke and Friedrich the Schiller. Dunlap publishes also the first most comprehensive theatre history of the United States.

By its multiple relations with contemporary American artists it placed with “Ahistory OF the giant and progress OF the kind OF Design into the United States " (first edition 1834) the first collection of Künstlerbiographien together and is called therefore also the 'American Vasari '.

To 28. September 1839 dies William Dunlap in New York.

Work on []


  • André (1798)
  • History OF the American theatre (1832)
  • The Italian more father (1799)


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