William Golding

Sir William Gerald Golding (* 19. September 1911 in pc. Columb Minor, Cornwall; † 19. June 1993 in Perranarworthal, Cornwall) was a British writer.

artistic work

at the age of 7 years began to write Golding. It beganagainst-willingly a study of the natural sciences, revolted itself however against it and changed his study emphasis from natural sciences to English literature. Still another one year before its study conclusion in natural sciences and English at the Oxforder Brasenose college appeared its first book with poems. Golding was at that time 23 years old.Starting from 1939 he taught in Salisbury English. Its artistic work interrupted of its participation as a soldier at the Second World War. The war experiences were coining/shaping for its further work. 1961 permitted it the incomes of its successful books to give its occupation up as teachers. After one yearas Writer in residence at the Hollins college in Virginia he became a pure writer.

Golding follows in its novels in more symbolically - allegorischer organization metaphysical bases of the existence, like a surviving, debt, Sühne, release. Its manuscripts were not very in demand first, then its largest later becameSuccess master of the flies of more than twenty publishing houses rejected. 1954 appeared its history over the experiences of a group of stranded pupils and became in Great Britain and the USA the best-seller. Its further books could not attach at this success. it received the Nobelpreis to 1983for literature.


  • gentleman of the flies (The lord OF the Flies; 1954, dt. 1956)
  • Inheriting (The Inheritors; 1955, dt. 1964)
  • The rock of second death (Pincher Martin; 1956, dt. 1960)
  • The brass butterfly (The Brass Butterfly; 1958)
  • Free case (Free case; 1959, dt. 1963)
  • The tower of the cathedral (The Spire; 1964, dt. 1966)
  • The Hot gate (1965)
  • olive (The Pyramid; 1967, dt. 1972)
  • The special emissary (The Scorpion God; 1971, dt. 1974)
  • The fire of the darkness (Darkness Visible; 1979, dt. 1980)
  • Moving targets (A Moving target; 1982)
  • Paper men (The PAPER Men; 1984, dt. 1996)
  • An Egyptian diary (at Egyptian journal; 1985, dt. 1987)
  • With double tongue (The double Tongue; 1995, dt. 1998)
  • „ton the Ends OF the Earth “- Trilogie
    • equator baptism (Rites OF passage; 1980, dt. 1984)
    • The Eingepferchten (CLOSE Quarters; 1987)
    • Fire down below (1989) * Fire down below (1989)

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