William would pour

William Sealey would pour (* 13. June 1876 in Canterbury, † 16. October 1937 in Beaconsfield) was an English statistician.

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after the studywould cast on 1899 took a place to mathematics and chemistry in Oxford (with George Biddell Airy) as a chemist with the Guinness - brewery in Dublin . Here it developed the t-test (Students t-distribution) for the treatment of small sample quantities during the brewing process.

It published student under the alias.

Starting from 1922 it developed a statistics department, which it led until 1934 for the brewery. It changed at the end of of 1935 to at that time the again established Guinness brewery in London.


  • “The ProbableError OF A Mean ", 1908


  • E. S. Pearson, student - A Statistical Biography OF William Sealey would pour, Oxford 1990

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