William Hilton

William Hilton (* 3. June 1786 to Lincoln (Lincoln-almost); † 30. December 1839 in London) was an English painter.

Hilton was only pupil of the Kupferstechers John Raphael Smith, since 1800 the Royal Academy, turned then to the history painting höhern style and received after several work of mythologischen contents for the picture: Key delivery of Calais at king Eduard III. (1810) a price of 50 Guineen.

Whereupon it dedicated itself to the Christian Art, until an Italian. Journey (1818) the desire to Resumption of mythologischer and historical articles in it aroused

to its best pictures belongs:

  • The bethlehemitische child murder;
  • Monks, the body of the king Harald finding;
  • Jakob and its sons
  • Una and the satire
  • robbery of the Proserpina.

He was selected 1820 to the member of the academy and died 1839 in London.

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