William Morton Wheeler

William Morton Wheeler (* 19. March 1865 in Milwaukee; † 19. April 1937 in Cambridge (Massachusetts), the USA) applied for at the beginning 20. Century as the recognized authority in the area of the research of ants and other social insects. It is considered far away as the first important Ethologe North America.

William Morton Wheeler began its study at the German English Academy in Milwaukee and was there active from 1885 to 1887 also as teachers. From 1887 to 1890 he was a director of the Milwaukee publicly museum. After its graduation to the Clark University (1890 - 1892) he became a professor for Zoologie at the University OF Chicago (1892 - 1899). Afterwards it changed to zoo-logical Institut of the University OF Texas in Austin (1899 - 1903), went to the American museum OF Natural History (1903 - 1908) and finally to Harvard (1908 - 1937).

Wheeler had written, became its doctor work in the area of the insect Embryologie however rapidly the prominent authority in the area of the “behavior” of social insects, and here again special for the behavior of the ants; its special interest applied for the evolution of the social behavior of ants. It was considerably involved in forming out the behavior research as independent discipline within biology and announced as the first in the English linguistic area the term Ethologie : in the year 1902 in a publication in Science.

It was considered as most competent Taxonom and carried the Erstbeschreibung out of a difficult-to-understand number of again discovered kinds. Two of its publications were considered long time as standard works: „Ants: Their Structure, development, and Behavior “(1910) and „Social would run Among the Insects “(1923).


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