William Quan Judge

William Quan Judge (* 13. April 1851 in Dublin, Ireland; † 21. March 1896 in New York, the USA) was an Irish/US-American attorney, author of esoterischen works, Theosoph and one the founder of the Theosophi society (TG). After first splitting the TG, he justified the Theosophi society in America (TGinA), whose president also became he.

William Quan Judge

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lives and working

childhood, youth and marriage

William Quan Judge became to 13. April 1851 in irländischen Dublin as a son of Frederic H. Judge and Alice Mary Quan born. From therefore it its double name deduced itself „Quan Judge “. Still as a child it lost its nut/mother and 1864 emigrierte its father with altogether six children into the USA, where it established itself in Brooklyn. At the juvenile age Judge lost also its father and began 1869 in New York law to study. In April 1872 it received the US-American nationality and in the May of this yearly became certified it, after conclusion of its study, in New York as a lawyer. It exercised this occupation in the following years with average success and it brought in for it therefore also only modest yields. 1874 he married the teacher Ella M. Smith, from the connection with Smith came out a daughter, who however already died around the turn of the year 1878/79 at Diphtherie. 1893 moved the family to New York. Smith was strenggläubige Methodistin and rejected the Theosophie up to death Judges 1896, then however changed it their attitude and joined the TG.

establishment of the Theosophi society

by its father, who maintained contacts to the Freimaurern, had been already educated Judge in a enlightened spirit and was interested in different religions, in addition, esoterische thoughts woke its curiosity. 1874 it read a preprint of Henry Steel Olcott 's book People from the OTHER world and looked for and found afterwards contact with the author and Helena Blavatsky. Judge had the idea, and gave to Blavatsky the impact, for a society for the study of the secret sciences and to 8. Septembers 1875 created Judge, Olcott, Blavatsky among other things „the Theosophical Society “(= TS = Theosophi society (TG)). To 17. November 1875 was selected Olcott on suggestion Judges on the first president of the TG, Judge became Secretary-General. The next years brought an intensive argument apart from its activity for the TG with esoterischen and religious topics, particularly in the dialogue with Blavatsky and Olcott. Here Judge got itself the apparatus for its later literary activity and the future guidance of the TG in the USA. After Judges own data Blavatsky it brought also in contact with so-called masters to the wisdom. These „masters “are both it however, and Blavatsky and Olcott to have appeared and instructions and/or. References, both verbally and in the form of so-called „master's certificates “, gave. Since these statements were not verifiable, their truth content is disputed.

as attorney and a businessman

as Blavatsky and Olcott Judge them applied , wanted at the end of of 1878 to India to accompany absolute, since this exceeded however its financial possibilities with far, and he also for its wife to provide had, then he had to remain in the USA. In the following years it by speculation and participation in enterprises tried to find the necessary means. For this purpose it traveled to Venezuela, in order to unlock a lead mine, but the project proved as complete miss. More badly still, he infected himself in the country with the Chagras illness (= mark de Chagras, American sleep illness), which did not loose-become he time of its life no more and which for its early death 1896 was responsible. Also a business adventure in Mexico ended with a Fiasko. 1883 were Judge again back in the USA, due to its long absences in the meantime its law office into New York bankruptcy had gone and it debts had accumulated, which he abstotterte in the following years laboriously. At the beginning of of 1885 found Judge with another law office in New York work and this position kept it until 1894, then forced to stop him its bad state of health. Up to its death 1896 it lived on a pension of the American TG.

stop and journey to India

since the departure Olcott's and Blavatsky's to India, to 17. December 1878, had become inter+CIM moderate a major general Abner Doubleday, a veteran from the war of secession , president of the new Yorker TG. This could be persuaded rather from Blavatsky to he would have been qualified for this task. By the frequent absence Judges in its function as a Secretary-General, was missing the qualified guidance and the TG in America resembled in this time a Torso, it went to nothing else. Only he found again time for the TG to 1883, when Judge gave its unsuccessful business up finally. In this year 1883 it created the Aryan Theosophical Society OF New York, whose president also became he. But at the beginning of of 1884 it already got the necessary means, from whom it is not well-known, in order to drive to India, with the consequence that the American TG became an orphan again. Over London, here he met with Alfred Percy Sinnett and Francesca Arundale , traveled he far to Paris where he Blavatsky and Olcott met, there which had stopped off on its European journey (February until December 1884). Since it came in this time to differences between Blavatsky and Emma and Alexis coulomb, two employees of the TG into Adyar, it, as an authorized person representative Blavatskys, continued its journey to India, in order to see there after the right. To 10. August 1884 it arrived in the headquarters of the TG in Adyar, concerned themselves with the affair, could not however the coulomb affair developing from it not prevent and left at the beginning of of Octobers of 1884 unfinished things to New York. On this ship journey it met for the first time with Albert E. S. Smythe (AES Smythe), the later Secretary-General of the TG in Canada together.

in this year 1884

Henry Steel Olcott, president of the TG, had brought, among other things new beginning and expansion of the TG from London several control councils into being also one for America, which the fate of the individual theosophischen branches and groups should coordinate and promote. Also the new Yorker TG, with Judge as Secretary-General, and the Aryan Theosophical Society OF New York led of Judge, was subordinated to the American control council. This advice, with his chairman Elliott Coues, was extremely unpopular and as Olcott to the control council the instruction gave, the advice subordinated executive committee to select, came it to the break. The members of the control council decided at a meeting in October 1886, Coues thereby, the dissolution of the advice was not present and instead of its establishment of the American section of the TG (ASTG). All groups, branches and centers of the TG in America should be represented in the ASTG, and exercise the line of a person, a Secretary-General and a treasurer in one. William Quan Judge was selected into this office and was thereby Olcott, which presidents in Adyar, directly subordinates. Olcott accepted simply the new order and Coues, which did not want to resign themselves to the situation, in June 1889 from the ASTG was excluded.

Now Judge began to bind the existing groups more firmly to the ASTG and to conquer at the same time new terrain. The magazine The Path (the path), already in April 1886 of it based, served now as official publication organ of the ASTG, recruited new members and promoted the co-operation the entire organization. Expanded journeys with numerous lectures led to the establishment of new branches and centers and gradually grew the society of approximately 12 Logen with the establishment in October 1886 on 101 Loge up to 28. April 1895, the separation from Adyar.

further one tasks

of 1888 appointed Olcott Judge the vice-president of the TG, and in the same year he was appointed also from Blavatsky to the director/conductor of the Esoteri section (IT) in America. After Blavatsky's death, to 8. , He, together with Annie Besant, led May 1891 entire IT. Judge presented the TG with the World Parliament OF religion (= world parliament of the religions) in the year 1893 in Chicago, which was held in the context of the world exhibition taking place there. The same task fulfilled it also one year later in San Francisco. All these additional activities increased the working load for Judge enormously. Besides it, often under an alias, wrote article for magazines such as The Path or Lucifer among other things and wrote books. Under its publications 1893 the published work The Ocean OF Theosophy ( = the sea of the Theosophie) is to be particularly emphasized. It is a summary of the secret teachings Blavatsky's and is considered as one to the best, and most understandable, introductions to the Theosophie.

separation from Adyar

by death Helena Blavatsky 's to 8. May 1891 and probably also as consequence of its arduous journeys, worsened the state of health Olcott's. For this reason it published its intention of withdrawing as a president of the TG in Adyar. Thereupon the ASTG and the European section of the TG Judge suggested as successors. Although Olcott had not withdrawn officially yet, the European section was erroneous the opinion the fact that evenly this had happened and selected Judge as new presidents. When Olcott of it experienced, he recalled his resignation intention and remained further a president. These confusion led to mutual distrust and accusations, which poisoned the climate in the TG. Additionally the situation was intensified by Annie Besant, which brought and gradually at influence won new tensions with its hinduistischen adjustment into the TG. To 28. April 1895 explained the ASTG their withdrawal from the TG and selected Judge to their president on lifetime. Only 26 Logen remained in the ASTG and thus with Olcott, 75 Logen went with to Judge and justified the Theosophical Society in America (= Theosophi society in America (TGinA)). This avowed itself as completely independent and of the TG in Adyar independent.


in the following scarcely 11 months could extend Judge the TGinA approximately 100 Logen, to it to 21. March 1896, completely exhausts, in 44. Lebensjahr in New York died. Above all the Chagras illness, in addition, the reaming activity around the Theosophi society, had approximately demanded its tribute. Its last words were: „Peace retains. Bear. Goes carefully. “Its body became to 23. March in a crematorium burned. The follow-up with the TGinA took over Ernest T after a disputed choice first. Hargrove and finally Katherine Tingley.

works (selection)

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