William Thomas Stearn

William Thomas Stearn (* 16. April 1911 in Cambridge; † 2001) were a British Botaniker and an oldest son of Thomas Stearn and his Mrs. Nellie.

From 1922 to 1929 it visited Cambridge and County School for Boys, where its interest in Botanik and Zoologie awaked.

Due to the poverty of its family after the death of its father it began 1929 teachings as a bookseller, studied however in its spare time with the support of universitärer sponsors of far Botanik. It visited frequently Cambridge Botanical guards, on the basis its collection it later revisions of the kinds Vinca, Epimedium, Hosta and Symphytum prepared and described 1930 its first kind, the Chinese Allium farreri. it began 1931 with the work for a Monographie of the kinds Epimedium and Vancouveria, the 1938 as “Epimedium and Vancouveria (Berberidaceae), A mono graph “appeared.


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