Willibrord Benzler

Karl Benzler, better admits Willibrord Benzler under its medal name (* 16. October 1853 in Niederhemer; † 16. April 1921 in Baden-Baden) was bishop of the diocese Metz from 1901 to 1919.

Born as a son of the restaurant operator/barkeeper Karl Benzler and his Mrs. Klementine (geb. Gravel-sing), visited it first the High School in corroding thorn, and from 1867 to 1871 in Münster. First it began an architecture study in Cologne, in December 1871 changed it however for the study of philosophy and catholic theology to the University of Innsbruck. 1872 he came to the Collegium Canisianum , an application for membership led by Jesuiten however 1874 was rejected. Instead it was accepted ore abbey Beuron to the Benediktiner -, where it accepted also the medal name Willibrord. To 28. August 1877 it was geweiht to the priest.

After a short stay in the monastery Emmaus in Prague and the abbey second-chew in the Steiermark became it on 15. October 1893 the first abbott of the again-created monastery Maria Laach. Although Willibrord Benzler was in discussion for the bishop chair in Cologne or Fulda, the appointment came to the bishop of Metz to 21. September 1901 nevertheless surprising. Into the office it was inserted to 28. October of the same Jahrens.

When after end of the First World War Metz became again French, a German bishop became problematic. Willibrord Benzler withdrew in January 1919, was officially accepted it to 10. July. To 31. July it was then appointed as the archbishop of the Titularkirche by Attalia. It returned to the abbey from Maria Laach and late Beuron. A heart illness forced it then however to the change into the Cistercians - abbey Baden-Baden Lichtenthal, where a better medical supply was possible. 1921 it died in Baden-Baden Lichtenthal, and in Beuron was buried.

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