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William Maria Birgel (* 19. September 1891 in Cologne, † 29. December 1973 in Dübendorf with Zurich) was a German actor.

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1913 began beer gel at the city theatre Bonn a career as a theatre actor, from the 1. World war was interrupted. After the war was beer gel among other things Member of the ensemble of the national theatre in Mannheim. From 1924 to 1934 he celebrated there large successes in roles such as fist and Mephistopheles in Goethe's fist I, Franz moorland in Schillers the robbers and the title figures in Shakespeares Hamlet and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations III.

When beer gel wants 1934 at the age from already 43 years a Nebenrolle in the film “a man to Germany” got, it was not to be foreseen that he would develop in the consequence to a woman swarm and a public favourite. After it had to represent rather zwielichtige characters at first in films, 1937 its Potenzial were discovered as charming Grandseigneur. It pulled now after Berlin Schmargendorf (Marienbader STR. 1).

It in the film prince Woronzeff had its first main role. It played in maintenance films as well as Zarah Leander, Gustaf of creating gene and Heinrich George, in addition, in propaganda films of the LV regime like e.g. Enterprises Michael (1937), enemy (1940) and comrade (1941). He was not least therefore appointed 1937 by realm propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels the state actor.

1941 played beer gel in the film ride for Germany under the direction of Arthur Maria Rabenalt a ride master, who repairs its honour and above all the “German honour” by the participation in the “large price of Europe”. This film kept the descriptor “national political particularly valuable ” from the film inspection station at that time.

Gravestone of Willy beer gel

ways of its appearance in the film rides for Germany and other appearances in propaganda films of the 3. Realm imposed the allied ones after that to 2. World war a temporary appearance prohibition over it.

1947 played beer gel its first postwar role and could fast to its old successes tie. Into the 1950er years is it one of the usually-busy Filmschauspieler. One its play partner in this time is Hans Albers. Its role type changes now somewhat, it plays now the matured gentleman, the Charmeur of the old school or also the father figure.

Starting from the 1960er years he worked primarily for the television.

1965 it turned its last motion picture film: As aging hunt writers in Peter Schamonis close time for foxes beer gel proved that it could deal ironically with its own image.

He never forgot its theatre passion; it arose again and again also during its film career with large success at the theatre.

1973 died Willy beer gel at heart failure. He was buried at the Melaten cemetery in its birth city Cologne.

Filmografie (selection)

Willy beer gel arose in over 60 cinema and television films. The most well-known are:

  • 1935: Barcarole
  • 1935: The girl Johanna
  • 1936: Traitor
  • 1937: Fanny Elssler
  • 1937: To new banks (with Zarah Leander)
  • 1938: The blue fox
  • 1939: Maria Ilona
  • 1940: The heart of the queen
  • 1941: Rides for Germany
  • 1942: Diesel
  • 1947: Between yesterday and today
  • 1952: Heidi (1952)
  • 1954: Ride master Wronski
  • 1955: The dead island
  • 1956: The holy one and its fool
  • 1959: Physician from passion
  • 1964: Andorra
  • 1965: Close time for foxes (last motion picture film)
  • 1966: The chalk garden
  • 1967: The meteor
  • 1968: Summer rungs
  • 1971: Luck mushrooms

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