Willy Haas

Willy Haas (* 7. June 1891 in Prague; † 4. September 1973 in Hamburg) was a German journalist and literary critic.


the Willy Haas studied jurisprudence born in the capital of the Kingdom of Böhmen as a son of a Jewish lawyer and was already in recent years with Franz Werfel and Paul Kornfeld friendly and had personal handling Franz Kafka and max of Brod, whereby its lasting interest in literature was aroused.

Already at the age of 20 years it created the stove he sheets, in which many publications of its literary friends published and for whom he wrote essays.

To the formation of Czechoslovakia it went to Berlin, where it worked apart from the editorial activity as film script author and a film critic. Together with Ernst Rowohlt it created 1925 the weekly paper the literary world.

When 1933 its citizen of Berlin was scanned several times dwelling, it emigrierte to Prague, where it worked as a newspaper editor. To the German occupation of Prague 1939 it went first to Italy and from there to India, where it became active as a film script author. To end of war it returned 1947 to Germany and lived in Hamburg. Here was it and. A. for the world and the world on Sunday as well as for other presses, radio and television actively.

works (selection)

  • shapes of the time, 1930
  • the literary world, 1957

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