Willy Popp

Willy Popp (* 28. January 1902 in peppering castle, † 19. April 1978 in peppering castle) was a well-known German composer and functionary in the chess composition.

chess composition

about 1924 began Popp to compose tasks of chess. It preferred two and Dreizüger. Thus it won many prices, some tasks of chess also to the FIDE albums was taken up.

Willy Popp
Middle Franconian chess federation, 1940
2. Price
Matt in 2 courses


1.Db4! (Se4 covers, threatens Sh5 matt)
1. - Tc4 2.Dxd2 matt
1. - Sdc4 2.Df8 matt
1. - Sec4 2.Tf5 matt
1. - Txg3 2.hxg3 matt
1. - One sees

a half binding of black Springer to Sg6 2.Sxc3 matt in the diagonal b8-f4. Three-way self binding of the black one by departure of a Springer from the chain line, which is used in the matte.

the functionary

starting from 1932 cared for Popp the problem part of the Frankish worker chess newspaper. 1935 it became 1.Vorsitzender of the problem friends of Lower Franconia. From 1943 to 1945 it published a chess newspaper for wounded one in the Main-Frankish newspaper.

1947 it problem-wait the Unterfränki chess federation. 1946 (some sources call “1954”) were transferred it the responsibility for the chess corner of the peppering citizens newspaper Main post office. This was considered also internationally, it led it up to its end of life.


1967 it the title of international arbitrators of the FIDE for chess compositions became veliehen. 1977 distinguished it the German chess federation with the honour letter.


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