Willy Ritschard

Willy Ritschard (* 28. September 1918; † 16. October 1983) was a Swiss politician.

It became to 5. December 1973 into the Upper House of Parliament selected. He deceased in the office. It belonged to the social-democratic party (FR). During its term of officemanaged it the following Departementen:

he was Federal President in the year 1978 and vice-president in the years 1977 and 1983. In its former residence Luterbach givesit now a Willi Ritschardstrasse. In the population Ritschard enjoyed language large popularity because of its einfachern. Many of its sayings became in Switzerland winged words, like its famous saying: “The more highly the ape climbs, so much the better sees one its back.”


Hans Peter Tschudi

Member in Swiss Upper House of Parliament

of 1974-1983


Otto pass


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