Willy Sagnol

Willy Sagnol (15.04.06)

Willy Sagnol (* 18. March 1977 in Saint Étienne) is a French football player.

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association career

of the counsels for the defense originates from the successful talent talentschmiedeas Saint Étienne (at its time under Jacques Santini), for which it denied afterwards already 10 plays in the division 1 in the season 1995/96 and one year in the second league played, before it 1997 to AS Monaco and thus again in Francehighest play class changed. For the Monegassen it played in the three years 71 times in the division 1 and became 1999/2000 football master French with them. Since that 1. July 2000 still stands for Sagnol with Bavaria Munich under contract, up to 30. June 2010runs. In Munich it won almost all association titles, which give to win it on national and international level.


  • AS Saint Étienne (1990-1997)
  • AS Monaco (1997-2000)
  • Bavaria Munich (since 2000)

national players

to 15. November 2000 denied Willy Sagnol, thatwith the U20-Weltmeisterschaft in Malaysia thereby was already, for the Équipe Tricolore first its so far 35 A-international matches. Its problem was there that its position was firmly assigned in the back right at Lilian Thuram, so that Sagnol in the first years frequently only as exchanging playerswas used. With the Bleus he became winner with the Konföderationen cup 2001 (3 plays, but not in the final) and 2003 (2 employments, after a red map in the Vorrunde in the final again thereby).


of international matches: 35 (for France)
federal league plays:
(Before the play time2005/2006)
of 121 (for Bavaria Munich)
federal league gates:
(Before the play time 2005/2006)
5 (for Bavaria Munich)



Willy Sagnol, has with its friend Laetitia is single however a daughter (Chiara).

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