Willy Semmelrogge

Willy Semmelrogge (* 15. March 1923 in Berlin; † 10. April 1984 in west Berlin) was a German actor.

The native citizen of Berlin began his stage career after the Second World War in Weimar. To its time as a director in Erfurt he came by the DEFA 1954 to the film.

Later it moved into the Federal Republic and predominantly played in television plays. Starting from 1974 he became at the side of Hansjörg Felmy in the scene admits he played in 20 consequences its assistant Willy Kreutzer. Also in the crime film series “the old person” and “the commissioner” he arose regularly.

He is the father of the actor Martin Semmelrogge.


  • of television plays:
  • “The devil of the mill mountain” (1955)
  • “the judge and its Henker” (1957)
  • “attendance from the zone” (1958)
  • “medal for the miracle children” (1963)
  • “murder night in Manhattan” (1965)
  • “murder in the parsonage building” (1970)


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