Wimbledon Championships

tournament place emergence date lining
Australian open Melbourne 1905 January hard place
French open Paris 1891 May/June sand
Wimbledon London 1877 June/July lawn
US open New York 1881 August. /Sept. Hard place

admits Wimbledon, a suburb of London, under the name the venue findsannually during two weeks in June/July the Lawn tennis Championships instead of, the oldest and prestigeträchtigste tennis tournament of the world. It is the third Grand Slam tournament of the yearly and the only one, which is played on lawns. The places in Wimbledon are called colloquially “holy lawn”.

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the first Lawn tennis Championships took place 1877 on an area to the Worple Road in Wimbledon and by the universe England Lawn tennis and Croquet club were delivered. Firstonly for men certified, 1884 separate competitions for ladies and gentleman doubles were introduced. Since 1910 also foreigners for the tournament are certified. Lady doubles and mix OD doubles were taken up 1913 to the program. 1922 were inaugurated a new tennis complex to the Church Road. For 14.000 spectators the laid outStadium developed to the Mekka of the tennis sport.


until today retained itself which takes the tournament off from all different to Wimbledon a special, a old-fashionably distinguished character. The old regulation that 90 per cent of the play clothes must be white, finds still to application only here.The public takes just as traditionally strawberries with cream to itself, as it bears the pretty often occurring and play tracing forcing rain with equal courage. A further tradition is on the first Sunday of the tournament the planned quiescent day. The opening play is always that of the title defender in the gentleman single upthe Centre Court.


today in Wimbledon tournaments are delivered in each case for single and doubles of the gentlemen and ladies. In addition a “Mixed” takes place, a mixed double, as well as new generation tournaments. The most important Matches becomes on the “Centre Court” and/or. “Court 1” delivered.The “Court 2” is also called because of numerous favorite falls “The Graveyard”. In the early rounds still numerous further, smaller places are taped.


Rekordsiegerin to the Church Road is the native Tschechin and current US American Martina Navratilova with nine single victories between 1978and 1990. With the men the American Pete Sampras drew even by his sieved victory 2000 with Willie Renshaw , which dominated the tournament into the 1880er years.

Martina Navratilova with six titles from 1982 to 1987 holds the longest profit series in consequence with the Mrs.and with the men Björn borrow with five titles from 1976 to 1980.

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Coordinates: 51° 26 ' 03 "; N 00° 12 '; 50 " W
51° 26 ' 03 "; N 00° 12 '; 50 " W


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