Winfried Böhm

Winfried Böhm während seiner Abschlussvorlesung am 3. Februar 2005
Winfried Böhm during its conclusion lecture at the 3. February 2005

Professor. Dr. Dr.h.c. Winfried Böhm (* 22. March 1937 in Schluckenau Tschechien) was for one period of 31 years a tidy professor for Pädagogik at the University of peppering castle and teaches until today world-wide ondifferent renowned universities.

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after musical training and bank teachings studied Böhm philosophy, Pädagogik, theology, psychology, history, political science and music science in Bamberg, peppering castle and Padua. It came into contact with such important professors and lecturers such as Albert Reble, Theodor W. Adorno, Romano Guardini or Giuseppe Flores D' Arcais.

Böhm attained a doctorate 1969, habilitierte 1973 and was from 1974 to March 2005 full professor and executive committeethe institute for Pädagogik at the University of peppering castle.

It holds numerous Gastprofessuren in different European countries, in Africa as well as north - and South America . Böhm is a president of the institute for European education in Gardone Riviere (Italy) and since 1987 philosophical honour doctor thatCatholic University of Córdoba.

Starting from 1969 the internationally recognized Montessori expert published numerous works over the Pädagogik Maria Montessoris. From 1987 to 2002 he was a president of the German Montessori society.

To 19. March 2005 found the premiere of the church opera composed by Wilfried Hiller in Munich“Augustinus - a sounding mosaic” after the libretto Böhms instead of.

Böhm is co-editor of the “quarterly publication for scientific Pädagogik” (Bochum), “Rassegna di Pedagogia” (Rome), “Pedagogia e Vita” (Brescia), “Revista de Pedagogia” (Madrid) and “the child. Half-yearly magazine for Montessori Pädagogik "(Peppering castle). For the period 2005/2006 Böhm manages the Rotary club peppering castle as a president.


Böhm represent a personnelistic Pädagogik (see also: Personnelism). In the center of his educational considerations thus the person , those is located beside their restrictions throughthe nature and its borders, which exist on the part of the society, also and above all “I” are, which wants in its singularness and thinks.

Emphasis of its scientific work is:

  • Educating philosophy
  • history and theory of the education
  • comparative Pädagogik
  • history and theory of the school

quotations from lectures

  • „from resort to experience no progress develops. “
  • „The teacher can inform but never educate pupils. To form one can itself only. “
  • „It is a child faith, a life and teachings agrees with someone. “


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