Winfried Scharlau

Winfried Scharlau (* 12. June 1934 in Duisburg; † 7. December 2004 in Hamburg) was a German journalist and an attained a doctorate historian.

Scharlau studied history, philosophy and public right at the Westfäli William university Münster, as well as in Innsbruck and Oxford. It attained a doctorate in science of history.

Since 1964 Scharlau editor and television correspondent was for the NDR, in the years 1967/68 was it a war reporter for the pool of broadcasting corporations predominantly in Southeast Asia, in particular in south Viet Nam, Hong Kong and Singapore. Admits became Scharlau alsoits reports from the Viet Nam war. 1975 it left as one of the last western journalists contested südvietnamesische capital Saigon by helicopters.

In the following years Scharlau published critical reports over the change of power on the Philippines on the television. From 1978 to 1981 Scharlau was editor-in-chief with the NDR in Hamburg. 1991 it became a pool of broadcasting corporations correspondent and Studioleiter in Washington and co-operated there one year long with wolf of Lojewski . He was subsequently, from 1993 to 1998 with the NDR a director of the national radio house Hamburg. A broad public became ithowever only as moderator of the transmission admits world mirrors, which it 16 moderated years long up to the year 2000.


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