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Büste in the Karl May museum, Radebeul

Winnetou (as per. Karl May indianisch: burning water) is onefamous shape from the fourth-hasty novel of the same name and other works of Karl May, which play in the wild west. With this figure it concerns a fictitious chieftain of the Mescalero - Apachen. Winnetou embodies here the noble, good Indian, who fights with its silver can on its horse Iltschi for justice and peace.

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Die erste Winnetou-Darstellung, 1879
the first Winnetou representation, to 1879
  • Winnetou I-III (1893)
collecting works, Bd.7, Winnetou I - ISBN 3780200074
Collected works, Bd.8, Winnetou II - ISBN of 3780200082
collected works, Bd.9, Winnetou III - ISBN 3780200090
  • Winnetous inheriting (Winnetou IV) (1910)
collecting works, Bd.33, Winnetous inheriting - ISBN 3780200333
  • „Winnetous will/Winnetou V “was intended and becomesalso mentioned in “Winnetou IV/Winnetous inheriting”, was not however any longer implemented.
  • Further books, in those Winnetou along-plays
old Surehand III, Bd. 14-15
the rock castle, Krüger, Satan and Ischariot, Bd. 20-22
Weihnacht in the wild west, Bd. 24
Under vultures, Bd. 35
the treasure in the silver lake, Bd. 36
the oil prince, Bd. 37
half blood, Bd. 38
old Firehand, Bd. 71


Winnetou I

of the I storytellers Charlie (Karl compares May) works for the railway company Great Western. Since its colleagues are very slow-acting and drunkenness addicted, it must make everything alone. Fortunately the west men SAM Hawkens stand for it, thickly Stone and want Parker to the side. The railway company plansa track construction in the middle by the area of the Apachen.Intschu tschuna (property sun), which chieftain of all Apachen, its son Winnetou (burning water) and from Germany the coming comes Klekih petra (white father), in order to point out the railroadmen peacefully that this is their country.Klekih petra by Rattler it is shot on which Winnetou with its father home-rides, in order to get Krieger and extinguish the bleaching faces. And it wants to hold this itself with the Kiowas, but old Shatterhand, SAM, thick for groups secretly with the Apachen.The first attack of the Apachen is successfully reduced. Old Shatterhand releases Winnetou and Intschu tschuna secretly. None the Kiowas experiences ever that it was old Shatterhand, and breaks off controversy nevertheless. Old Shatterhand must fight withlightning measurer “. Briefly afterShatterhand won, seizes the Apachen again on with many more Kriegern than before. Old Shatterhand and „the clover sheet “(SAM Hawkens, thickly Stone and wants Parker) result. Old Shatterhand is lethal wounded just by Winnetou.

Marie Versini (Nscho-tschi) und Pierre Brice (Winnetou) 2005 in Luzern
Marie Versini (Nscho tschi) and Pierre Brice (Winnetou) 2005 in Luzern

the prisoners are brought in the camp of the Apachen and healthy-maintained there for their Martertod. The care of old Shatterhand takes over Winnetous sister Nscho tschi (beautiful day). Old Shatterhand recovers relativelyschnell und trainiert seine Kraft mit einem Stein, den er sich als Sitzgelegenheit erbeten hat. In this time he asks to therefore speak again and again Winnetou since he is its friend and can this also prove. Winnetou does not come however,separate required only the proofs, what does not want again old Shatterhand. The fight with lightning measurer for the liberty before of the Kiowas catches Apachen by the Kiowas was denied, the Apachen believed them.

On the day, at that itto become to be supposed, the white ones experience ore of kind of in accordance with that old Shatterhand is to fight for its life. It must swim with Intschu tschuna around its life. By a ruse, it puts itself as a perfect idiot, wins old Shatterhand the fight, and the white ones up to Rattler are free. Old Shatterhand shows Winnetou the Haarsträhne, which it cut to it off, when it freed it in the camp of the Kiowas. Afterwards it comes to blood brother shank between old the Shatterhand and Winnetou.

Before old Shatterhand still Tangua lähmt,the chieftain of the Kiowas, in a duel. Tangua insulted and cannot old Shatterhand several times now to the duel no more without honouring loss evade. Alternating shooting at 100 step distance, Tangua begins. Old Shatterhand announces not to want to kill Tangua,separate only in the left knee to shoot. Since Tangua old Shatterhand does not believe, he places himself laterally, which has as a consequence that both knees are destroyed and Tangua old Shatterhands mortal enemy become.

Winnetou teaches now old Shatterhand everything that heyet does not know, but when needs west man. In this time Nscho tschi with old Shatterhand falls in love. This refers however to the Christian faith and the cultural experience, which must have a woman, if a Christian marries them. Thereupon becomes ofIntschu tschuna it decided that its daughter may into the east, in order to learn the culture of the white ones. At the same time old Shatterhand keeps permission from Intschu tschuna generous for terminating on the way the interrupted measurement of the railroad line in order to be able to stress its wages. Overto procure, the Apachen rides the necessary money for Nscho tschis stay afterwards to the Nugget Tsil, since they know a Goldader there. On the way to the find place they will attack Santer from the bandit together with Kumpanen. Become Intschu tschuna and Nscho tschikilled. Since Santer to be seized cannot separate - only its assistants to become shot by old Shatterhand - itself Winnetou and old Shatterhand. While Winnetou after-hunts for the murderer, old Shatterhand rides first after pc. Louis and goes afterwards to Africa,in order to hunt with Sir Emery Bothwell the Gum (volume 10 - „sand of spoiling “). Winnetou returns as a new chieftain with the silver can of its father to the Apachen.

Winnetou II

in this volume, which as trueTravel narration to be regarded knows, leads it the I storyteller old Shatterhand this way and that by the USA. First pursue it and Winnetou still the murderer Santer, must then however separate, and one experiences then like old Shatterhand over pc. Louisafter new Orleans arrives, from where he wants to Europe back sails.

Since it comes however briefly after leaving the port into a hurricane and loses its entire possession, it strikes it first to New York, where it -in order to earn itself the money for the passage - a job as a detective accepts. After several successfully solved cases, over which one experiences nothing else, he is assigned, the insanity purged banker son, some cheat into thoseHands please are to bring to its father back.

With the pursuit of the two it arrives again after new Orleans, where it becomes acquainted with the west man old Death. This recognizes immediately, without knowing the identity of the storyteller, why these inNew Orleans is, regards it however, like its old friend SAM Hawkens, as a Greenhorn. Their ways separate soon again, and old Shatterhand and the cheats meet. This recognizes itself however old Shatterhand and can still in time againset off toward Rio Colorado.

On the way old Death and old Shatterhand meet there again, and old Death wins now its confidence and offers its assistance. With pursuit it comes then first to a shortSee again with Winnetou, which however opposite old Death, which knows it, then does, as if do not know he old Shatterhand. After a conflict with members of the Ku-Klux-clan, which the two Olds solve nearly in the single-handed attempt, they experience that the twoLooked for ones on the way to Mexico are. With pursuit you discover this in a troop Komant, which by the Apachen and Winnetou into a trap was lured. Old Death, both with the Apachen and Komant, tries Komant is friendly to the task to persuade, fails thereby however so that the two Olds with further in the meantime white ones pushed to them set off to the Apachen. Unfortunately Winnetou and its Apachen have those already before to themchanged pursued one to run lets the Apachen leave, so that the two Olds see themselves again compelled.

Finally succeeds however nevertheless placing the two however old Death is inadvertently shot thereby. With it ends the first part 2.Volume. The I storyteller reports then, like he back after pc. Louis travels, there the famous Henry connecting pieces receives and then to Africa travels. After its return it makes on Winnetou to search, is it also soon, separates however then,in order to accompany a gold transport. In the second part of the volume beginning then he becomes acquainted with the boy Harry, which he saves somewhat later - against his will - from the inferno of a burning source of oil. On its further way it meetsthen again Winnetou and the famous west man old Firehand.

They save a course from the Ponkas, arrive in old Firehands Trapper fortress, where old Shatterhand again-meets also Harry, which emerges as a son old Firehands and rubbing Anna, also from Winnetouwas loved (the only parallel to the film version), but to favour of its friend old Firehand on it did without (plays this and the death of rubbing Anna however before in volume the 1 and 2 told stories). After it - although underheavy losses - old Shatterhand and Winnetou repelled, open themselves an attack of the Ponkas to look for a dealer in order to offer to it the skins captured by the Trappern. They come temporarily into the shank of its old enemy Santer,that it however again to run leaves, because he foresaw it on the skins. Santer escapes however a trap by a stupidity SAM Hawkens, so that at the end the ways separate from Winnetou and old Shatterhand again.

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Winnetou 3 (film version)

again once donate have-greedy bandits discords between settlers and Indians. Not only that they slaughter the vitally necessary buffalos, they bring also the chieftain of the Jicarilla Indians of white buffalos with alcohol to it, already to the settlers promised country backto return. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou are on the way to the governor, when they will attack from the bandits, under their leader roll in, in a quarry. Lucky the notice escaped, old finds Shatterhand out in Santa Fe that behind the banditthe have-greedy businessman Vermeulen puts, which wants to have the country of the Mescalero Apachen and roll in to further notices on Winnetou sends.

Twice Winnetou can escape from the notices only scarcely. When Winnetou and old want to donate Shatterhand in the camp of the Jicarillos peace,a measurer brings roll in the chieftain son murdered by him in the camp and presents as murder weapon, which had lost Winnetou before on its escape. Promptly the two heroes at the Marterpfahl of the Jicarillos land and can at the night only throughthe employment from SAM Hawkens to be released. While old Shatterhand in Clinton sends a telegram around assistance of the governor, Winnetous brings itself trunk with the caves at the Nugget Tsil in security. Soon thereafter they become already of roll in and its bandits thereattacked. Old Shatterhand can warn the straight still in time arriving Kavallerie of it to come into an ambush of the bandits and Jicarillos before a violent fight is inflamed. On a rock projection/lead old Shatterhand, SAM Hawkens and Winnetou repel the bandits, duringroll in in the back anschleicht itself, in order to murder old Shatterhand from the ambush. Winnetou noticed roll in and throws itself for the moment the shot on old Shatterhand between them. Äh getroffen wird tödlich. Roll in on his escape by the Mescaleros one kills.


were filming attempts before the actual filming of 1963 already several attempts to film the Winnetou material. The first project comes from „the Ustad film Dr. Droop & cost “in Berlin in the year 1920, to „the Erwin Bàron “Exposé submitted. The next beginning took place 1927, which, according to a press report at that time, „citizen of Berlin specified not in more detail would have intended a film company “.

Under the title „“then 1936 the vienna film AG a further conversion of the Winnetou material planned the eternal hunt reasons, for those thatDirector Helmut Käutner was intended. A film script draft was however only 1942 finished. For the main role Hans Albers was intended and these his agreement had already communicated. The film should cost over five million realm Marks and became from realm Minister Joseph Goebbels 1944 personally into „the eternal hunt reasons “skillfully. Nearly at the same time „the Bavaria film art GmbH was concerned “1939 with a filming, in the Luis Trenker as a director actively will should and for as a leading actor the harsh ore Dirmoser of that Rock stage Rathen in the discussion was.

1939 started then „the Tobis film art GmbH “in Berlin a further attempt, in which the sensation actor Harry Piel should be taken part. A last zaghafter attempt took place 1949 from the Willy Zeyn film GmbH, Berlin, in thatagain Hans Albers as leading actors to along-play should.

2001 turned Michael Herbig the Comedystreifenthe shoe one International Telecommunication Union “. This film is in far parts a Parodie on the Winnetou films.


actor in films and on stages

bekanntester Winnetou-Darsteller: Pierre Brice
of most well-known Winnetou actors: Pierre Brice

figures from the Winnetou cycle


Iltschi is a fictitious horse, the Winnetouheard. It is a black horse, just as its brother Hatatitla, the Winnetou its blood brother, to who I storyteller gives old Shatterhand. In the actual Winnetou Trilogie the horses of the heroes are not in particular designated. There these however the readers from the othersTo novels admits were, in the treatment of the Karl May publishing house were paid attention to call the black horses expressly Iltschi and Hatatitla. Consequently in the treatment Iltschi was shot after death Winnetous, set and buried Winnetou on it. Iltschi and Hatatitlaare according to Karl May „windand „lightningto be called translated.

Nscho tschi

Nscho tschi („beautiful day “) the daughter of the Apachenhäuptlings is Intschu tschuna and sister of Winnetou.

In the novel „Winnetou 1. Part “it maintains the caught Old Shatterhand and falls in love with it. Their father wants it training in pc. Louis make possible. On the way to a hidden gold camp at „the Nugget Tsil “Nscho tschi and their father by the bandit Santer are murdered.

In the filming of Winnetou1. Part Nscho tschi by the French actress Marie Versini is represented. This role repeated it 1966 in Winnetou and its friend old Firehand, which was based however on no book by Karl May.

In the indication trick series WinneToons become adventures alsoWinnetou, old Shatterhand and Nscho tschi from the time between the blood brother shank of Winnetou and old Shatterhand up to the events at „the Nugget Tsil “with Santer tells (these are based however likewise on no book collecting main).


At some places regularly well visited Karl May festivals becomeas summer theatres specified, whereby actions from the wild west are usually had a feeling for and also Winnetou plays a basic role:

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