Economics and society

economics and society (shortened often WuG) is a sociological work max of weber and 1922 posthum by his Mrs. Marianne was published. It ranks the Protestant ethics and the “spirit” of the capitalism from 1904 beside weber work among the internationally most important works of the sociology and represents an important basis for economics, religion, on the right of ones, political, rule, administrative and city sociology .

Table of contents


the current first part of the work developed between 1918 and 1920 and by weber was ready to be printed drawn up. It contains sociological category teachings of weber, in which it in four chapters of fundamental ideas, basic categories of managing, which discusses types of the rule as well as conditions and classes. At the current second part weber wrote 1909 and 1913 between, came however no longer even to the final revision of the individual sections. Weber let many of its past work flow into this part. It is arranged into nine chapters:

  1. The economy and the social orders in their relationship in principle
  2. economic relations of the communities (economics and society) generally
  3. types of the pooling and socialization in their relationship with the economics
  4. ethnical Gemeinschaftsbeziehungen
  5. types of religious pooling (religion sociology)
  6. the market aggregation
  7. economics and right (right sociology)
  8. political communities
  9. sociology of the rule


weber should first as a publisher for of Paul Siebeck, who publishers archives of the compilation sketch of the Sozialökonomik planned for social sciences and social politics function. Webers a new total concept developed later, selected a new title and co-operated for production among other things with Edgar Jaffé, Robert Michels, Joseph Schumpeter, Werner Sombart and his brother Alfred weber . After delays of the delivery of the individual contributions weber expanded the portion which can be written from it to substantially. The third section of sketch of the Sozialökonomik, planned under the title “economics and society “ , should originally consist of the two parts “the economy and the social orders and powers “from weber as well as” development course economics and sociopolitical systems and ideals “ from Eugen of Philippovich. Weber worked then from 1909 to its death 1920 on its part, could finish however only its first section, which appeared 1921.

After its death Marianne weber published 1922 the manuscript under its section title. After its death WuG was then published starting from 1956 by the private scholar Johannes Winckelmann. The published (“complete”) expenditures were editorisch partly substantially worked over again. Within the sociology this edition is discussed still - partly also critically -. Into the 4. Edition of WuG was along-printed weber 1911 the written rational and sociological bases of the music, a preliminary work to the music sociology planned later, to which it referred in several of its works, than appendix. Marianne weber took up the material of their man published of their first 1921 in archives for social sciences and social politics under the title “the city “to the city sociology under the title “the city “to WuG; since the 4. Edition carries this section the versatile criticized title “the not-legitimate rule (typology of the cities) “(WuG part of II, chapters. 9, 8. Section). Current expenditure is the 5. Edition from January 1980. Winckelmann deceased in November 1985.


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secondary literature

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