States of , their national economy apply for economic power as economic power in special measure influence on the development of the world economy and the international economic situation has. Also the two words economics and power imply that, of which the term consists.

Of an economic power large portion of the world gross national income is characteristic, - export and/or. - Import as well as the meaning of the own currency in the world.

The largest economic powers on earth are at present into the G8 (industrial nations + Russia) summarized. Further also China is to it-counted. In detail are:

  • The United States of America (the USA)< /li>
  • Japan< /li>
  • Germany< /li>
  • People's Republic of China< /li>
  • France< /li>
  • Great Britain< /li>
  • Italy< /li>
  • Canada< /li>
  • Russia< /li> As the first important economic power the British Empire is considered to newer history, since the industrialization took its beginning there and it prevailed as colonial power over world-wide resources. This expressed itself not least also at the meaning at that time of the British Pound as most important currency of the world. In 20. Century was replaced Great Britain from the USA as largest economic power of the world, the US Dollar transferred as a result of the two world wars the role of the British Pound as world reserve currency. At the beginning 21. Century the USA provoke itself as economic power for its part again of that ever more increasing European union and the “Aufsteiger” China. Sometimes and by politicians and economists it is demanded that the economic powers are to serve the world as “economic situation locomotive “for the remaining world, in particular with schwächelnder world economic situation.

    multinational companies as economic power

    apart from national economic power can represent also individual enterprises substantial regional, national or multinational economic power. Thus the annual turnover of large multinational companies exceeds the GROS DOMESTIC PRODUCT of many small and middle states. Apart from Wirtschaftstimulation and welfare gains, which such economic power produces, raises these in addition, critical questions about social control. Acting private-economical, internationally acting companies is much less constitutionally justified basic conditions subjected as national acting. The globalization of the economy places thereby new challenges against social control and the normative basic conditions, which are to legitimize the guard rails business acting.

    Following list contains the 15 largest private enterprises based on the conversion (1999):

    1. General of engine
    2. whale March
    3. Exxon Mobil
    4. Ford engine
    5. DaimlerChrysler
    6. Mitsui
    7. Mitsubishi
    8. Toyota engine
    9. General Electric
    10. EN: Itochu
    11. EN: Royal Dutch/Shell
    12. EN: Sumitomo
    13. EN: Nippon Tel & Tel
    14. EN: Marubeni
    15. AXA

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