Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wuerttemberg

the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wuerttemberg, briefly WM, is one of 10 Ministries in the Landesverwaltung of the Land of the Federal Republic Baden-Wuerttemberg. From 1952 to 1976 it was called “Ministry for economics”, afterwards “Ministry for economics, middle class and traffic” and since 1984 carries it its current designation.

Table of contents


to the division Ministry of Economic Affairs belong:

  1. Economic policy, economic system, commercial law;
  2. Promotion of economy development, regional and sparkling wine-oral structural development;
  3. External trade, location advertisement for industrial settlement;
  4. Industry, handicraft, trade, services, trade, supervision overthe Chambers of Commerce and industrie and the chambers of trade, Genossenschaftswesen;
  5. Tourism, recovery, health resorts and baths (with exception of the national baths);
  6. Energy industry, supervision of energy, atomic energy plants, mining industry, national geology;
  7. Technology, medium economy, economiceconomics research, technical development, rationalization, productivity increase;
  8. Money and credit system, supervision by the stock exchange committee, insurance (without social security);
  9. Prices, competition, trusts, consumer questions, public contract system;
  10. Measuring, calibrate and technical inspection department (became by 1. January 2005 to the district administration Tübingen transfer);
  11. vocational education within the range of the commercial economy;
  12. Development co-operation;
  13. Area planning and regional planning, surveying;
  14. politico-economic questions regarding the European union andother European institutions.

The authority has its seat in Stuttgart. Office leader of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is a minister of economics, for who an undersecretary of state stands to the side.

ministers of economics since 1952

subordinate authorities

the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wuerttemberg are among other things following authorities and mechanisms subordinates and/or. assigned and/or. by this are supervised directly or indirectly:

With the administrative reform by 1. Changes result January 2005 here:

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