Vladimir Fjodorowitsch eagle mountain

count Wladimir Fjodorowitsch eagle mountain (original: Eduard Ferdinand Woldemar eagle mountain ; Russian: ВладимирФёдоровичАдлерберг; * 29. November 1791 in Wyborg; † 10. March 1884) was a Russian general and Minister.

It was born as a son Colonels from the Swedish family of a Svebelius, which had been raised 1684 under the name eagle mountain into the nobility.

it occurred and took part in 1811 as an officer the army the campaigns 1812 and 1814 . 1817 he became an aide and trusted friend of the large prince Nikolaus, which he during the Dekabristen - rebellion to 14. December 1825 to the side stood and in its for attendants it 1828 as a major general at the Turkish campaign participated.

1833 he was raised lieutenant general , 1842 general manager of the postal service , 1843 general of the infantry , 1847 into the count conditions and 1852 Ministers of the imperial house and medal chancellor.

With the autocratic principles of its gentleman it had completely identified itself. Less a tool of its political plans, was eagle mountain rather a personal servant of the emperor and in important Privatangelegenheiten was preferably used. In this position it kept also under Zar Alexander II. its not insignificant personal influence, although it did not promote the liberals reforms of the emperor by any means. it took its parting to 1870 because of its high age, after it had already laid down 1857 the line of the postal service.

The Ministry of the imperial house ward its oldest son, Alexander, count Adlerberg II. (born 1819), general of the infantry and the general aide, transfer, who during the last Turkish-Russian war the commander of general of imperial headquarters appointed, by Alexander III. but one relieved right after of his accession of his post as Ministers of the imperial house.

Its second son, Nikolaus, count Adlerberg III., also general of the infantry and the general aide, was governor general of Finland and is author of a book: “From Rome to Jerusalem” (Petersburg 1853).

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