Vladimir Igorewitsch Arnold

Vladimir Igorewitsch Arnold (Влади́мирИ́горевичАрно́льд) (* 12. June 1937 in Odessa, USSR) is a Russian mathematician.

Arnold is considered as one of the most outstanding mathematicians and informs at present at the Steklov Institut for mathematics in Moscow.

It received among other things 1965 together with Andrei Kolmogorov the Lenin price.

Arnold discovered 1964 Arnold diffusion designated after it. This describes a unvorhersagbares behavior with completely deterministic causes. Zhihong Xia of the Georgia of institutes OF Technology could prove 1994 that a three-body system can exhibit appropriate behavior.

it keeps 1982 assigned together with of Louis kidney mountain from the Courant institute the New York University the Crafoord price endowed with 400.000 Swedish crowns ( skr ) “for unusual achievements in the theory of not-LINE-rare partial differential equations”, from the Swedish Academy of Sciences. With further 400,000 skr the research work in this area was promoted to Sweden.

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