Wolf of Lojewski

wolf of Lojewski (* 4. July 1937 in Berlin) is a German television - journalist. It was from the 1. March 1992 up to 2. January 2003 moderator of the today journal in the Second Channel of German Television.

Its career began wolf of Lojewski with reports and presentations in the television regional program of the NDR. It changed to the pool of broadcasting corporations, for which it was active starting from 1971 during that Viet Nam - and Watergate - years as US correspondent in Washington. Afterwards it took over the presentation of the world mirror and the daily topics. Starting from 1982 it was for the documentation series “round over bends Ben” in Great Britain actively. it went to 1987 again to Washington. 1992 changed Lojewski to the Second Channel of German Television and became there director/conductor and Anchorman of the today journal, up to its parting 2003. Of 19. March 2003 up to 14. December 2005 it moderated the transmission adventure knowledge.

Further engages itself wolf of Lojewski as a promoter Federal association heart patient of children registered association. for the problems of heart-ill children.


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