Wolfgang Dauner

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Wolfgang Dauner (* 30. December 1935in Stuttgart ) are a Keyboarder and a jazz pianist.


Wolfgang Dauner had already as a child piano instruction and studied starting from 1958 trumpet and composition at the Stuttgart college of music. It is one the world-best and most creative Keyboarder and blows up in music all borders. With it there is no separation between e and U-music, between new and old world. Among its influences Benny Goodman, Lennie Tristano, John Coltrane and Sonny rank roll in. In addition it composes for film, television and radio play. Dauner, in European polling among the continuous winners, he was present with all important festivals. 1963: own Trio with Eberhard weber and Fred Braceful. it created 1971 with Eberhard weber the volume Et Cetera. 1974: Children TV-series Glotzmusik 1975 it created the United jazz and skirt ensemble, which in connection with the artist-own label „Mood record sold “the products with other European point musicians. 1986 he was a producer and musical leader with Konstantin bell. Dauner supported Marika skirt, Zarah Leander and Lale Andersen one on their tours. It had numerous common appearances with Albert Mangelsdorff.

Its son Florian plays as a Schlagzeuger among other things with the Fantasti four.


1979: Large German record price with the solo album „CHANGEs “

1997: Earnings/service medal of the country Baden-Wuerttemberg

2003: „German jazz Trophy - A would run for jazz “

2005: Order of Merit 1. Class

2006: Citizen medal of the city Stuttgart

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