Wolfgang Gress

Wolfgang Gress (* 9. May 1929 in Berlin; † 21. March 2000) was a restaurant functionary of the GDR.

Gress joined 1947 the SED . 1948 - it studied 1951 at the university for economics and the Humboldt university with conclusion as a diploma economist. 1951 1958 he was coworker and department manager in the Ministry for heavy mechanical engineering, to 1963 department managers in the VVB energy mechanical engineering and 1964 general manager of the VVB pipings and isolations Leipzig. 1966 - 1979 he was undersecretary of state and deputy Minister for heavy machine and equipment construction, afterwards until 1989 member of the Council of Ministers and undersecretary of state for the range investments and science/technology of the national plan commission.

Starting from 1981 Gress was candidate of the central committee of the SED and member of the economic commission with the Politbüro of the ZK of the SED.

Gress received the earnings/service medal , 1970 and 1982 the patriotic earnings/service medal to 1969, 1974 banners of the work and 1989 the honour clip to the patriotic earnings/service medal [VVO].


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