Wolfgang Ivens

Wolfgang Ivens (* 19. March 1973 in Cologne) is a German actor.

It began as 14-jähriger with a speech role in a WDR radio play, which was produced for the school radio at that time. Since 1997 it plays theatres and stood among other things in Mr. Pilks lunatic asylum (Ken Campbell), is paid not (Dario Fo), then is it, if it in such a way seems to them (Luigi Pirandello) and stop of spirit (Helmut Krausser) on the stage. Last one could admire it into collected works (Loriot), which were specified in the spring 2005.

Since 1996 it plays smaller Nebenrollen, so among other things in two consequences of the pool of broadcasting corporations - series of lime tree road , for film and television in the motion picture film the first term and in an episode of the RTL - satire Hölli neighbours. The act ion series the clown (when Tim Merz) or the Sitcom Bernd witch, in whom he embodied the Detlef prince, is further RTL productions, in which he appeared in episode roles.

It had further small guest appearances for the pool of broadcasting corporations in the crime film series of the investigators as a young criminal investigation department civil servant Bernheimer and for the Second Channel of German Television 2003 in Soko Cologne than Balou Brüggemann. In the pilot video too my star, which was produced 2004 on behalf the TelcoMedia Consult, it played the Robert, who falls in love neck over head with its Dating Girl Julia.

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