Wolfgang Junker

Wolfgang Junker (* 23. February 1929 in Quedlinburg, † 9. April 1990) was a Minister for building industry of the GDR.

Junker was 1939 - 1945 member of the German youth and the HJ. After attendance of the people and middle school he completed 1945 bricklayer teachings and worked until 1949 as a bricklayer in Quedlinburg.

it joined 1949 the SED and studied until 1952 at the engineer university for building industry in Osterwieck. 1952 - 1953 he was a construction supervisor with the building of the Stalinallee in Berlin and until 1954 with the building union north in Glowe. 1955 - 1957 he was a director VEB excavator and promotion work Berlin and 1958 - 1961 VEB industrial building Brandenburg. 1961 - 1963 he was a deputy and 1963 of 1989 Ministers for building industry of the GDR.

Since 1967 he was candidate and since 1971 member of the central committee of the SED and 1976 - 1989 delegates of the people chamber. 1972 - 1989 was it chairmen of the GDR delegation, starting from 1973 also chairman of the constant commission of the RGW for co-operation in the building industry.

In November 1989 it withdrew with the government Willi Stoph . In January/February 1990 was because of the suspicion on office abuse in remand and committed to 9. April Suizid.

Junker was distinguished 1969 with the patriotic earnings/service medal , 1976 with the Karl Marx medal and 1984 with the star of the people friendship.


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