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Wolfgang (Arthur Reinhold) Koeppen (* 23. June 1906 in grab forest; † 15. March 1996 in Munich) is considered as one of the most important German writers of the post-war period. Of great importance one is here its Romantrilogie, at the beginning of the 1950erYears developed.

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Koeppen came as Wolfgang Köppen - later it replaced the umlaut by oe - illegitimately toWorld.1908 moved to nut/mother and son from grab forest to Ortelsburg in East Prussia. His father, lecturer of the eye medicine and balloon flier, recognized the paternity never on.

Koeppen pierced itself in the time of the Weimar Republic as actor and a dramaturgy unsalaried employee, beforeit in the Berlin of the late and early thirties twenties as a feuilleton editor for the “citizen of Berlin stock exchange Courier “to work could. It published in this time over 200 literature, theatre and film criticisms, as well as essays and reports. In the course of the seizure of power throughthe Nazis lost it its position. When its novel debut appeared “unfortunate loving” to 1934, it already lived in Holland. In the work Koeppen brought up for discussion its one-sided relationship with the actress Sybille lock. 1939 it returned again to Germanyand held itself with the letter from film film scripts to end of war over water. Since 1943 it lived in Munich.

It was also member in the group 47.

With its “Trilogie of the failure” (1951: “Pigeons in the grass”; 1953: “The greenhouse”; 1954:To “) it gave a first critical stocktaking of the forming Federal Republic of Germany death in Rome”. With Vehemenz and inexorable sharpness Koeppen analyzes the arrears of those ideologies and behaviors, those to fascism and war led and finally in the fiftiesYears promoted the restoration of traditional conditions. In the post-war period Koeppen remained an outsider, who tied with its work to the tradition of the classical modern trend. Its influence on other authors may not be underestimated however.

For the South German broadcast ledit different journeys among other things 1955 to Spain, 1956 to Rome, 1957 into the Soviet Union and to to Warsaw, the Hague and London, 1958 into the USA and 1959 to France. 1958 were published “to Russia and elsewhere” as well as 1959 “America travel”.He dedicates grab forest to its childhood and youth in the vorpommerschen city in the 1976 appeared oneself narration “youth”.

Briefly before its 90. Birthday died Wolfgang Koeppen to 15. March 1996 in Munich.

It was bestattet on the resident of Munich north cemetery.

Since 1998 lend Koeppens birth city grab forest the Wolfgang Koeppen price for literature. The University of grab forest acquired Koeppens deduction and 2002 in grab forest the literature center Vorpommern was opened, which dedicates itself to the memory at Wolfgang Koeppen and which Wolfang Koeppen archives contain.


  • Wolfgang Koeppen the book he price and 1974 received honours became he a first city clerk von Bergen. 1984 were lent to it the Arno Schmidt price, 1990 became it an honour doctor of the University of grab forest and 1994 honour citizens of the city grab forest. On the occasion of its100. Birthday to 23. June 2006 organizes Munich (gas paste) an Koeppen exhibition. Also the birth city Wolfgang Koeppens, grab forest, proves to the Jubilar with a set of meetings, like z. B. to 23. June with a literature and a book celebration, a Koeppen reading in GreifswalderCathedral - will travel to the well-known and renowned representative the literary world after grab forest - and an exhibition in the birth house Wolfgang Koeppens, the literature center Vorpommern, the reverence.

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