Wolfgang Lüder

Wolfgang Lüder (* 11. April 1937 in Celle) is a German politician (FDP). The attorney was from 1971 to 1981 citizens of Berlin of FDP chairmen, from 1975 to 1981 a restaurant economics, from 1976 to 1981 mayors of Berlin and from 1987 to 1995 member of the German Bundestag.

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youth and occupation

it was born as a son of a restaurant operator/barkeeper, visited the Ernestinum in Celle, a old-linguistic High School. Starting from 1957 it studied jurisprudence at the free University of Berlin. 1961 he took the first legal state examination, was a junior lawyer at the citizen of Berlin Court of Appeal. 1967 it completed the second legal state examination. 1970 it became first Assesor with the public prosecutor's office, then judges at the regional court Berlin.

1981 it established itself as an attorney and is since 1991 also a notary.

student and youth politicians

1957 he member in the liberal student federation (LSD), was selected there 1961 to the citizens of Berlin regional chairman , 1962 to the Federal leader and 1963 to the deputy Federal leader. At the free university it became 1958 chairmen of the student parliament and 1959 student speakers in the academic senate.

1962 occurred Lüder the FDP, 1963 the FDP youth organization German young democrat (DJD). 1967 he was selected to regional chairmen , 1968 for two years to the Federal leader of the young democrats.

citizens of Berlin FDP head and mayor

1970 he became member of the FDP Federal Administration. In May 1971 selected it the citizens of Berlin FDP as a most prominent representative of the left liberal of wing to regional chairmen. Until 1979 it was regularly red-elect in this function.

1975 it became in a SPD /FDP-Koalition citizen of Berlin senator for economics. After the resignation of the FDP politician Hermann Oxfort as mayors and a law senator Lüder transferred the mayoralty in July 1976 additionally. 1979 was it for few months member of the Lower House of Berlin.

To 7. He explained January 1981 in the consequence endorsements - of a scandal around a FDP member, the building contractor Dietrich ski, its resignation. The FDP parliamentary group in the Lower House had pushed it in addition. “He knows debt or Vorwerfbarkeit” however from itself.

Members of the Bundestag

from 1987 to 1995 he was a delegate of the German Bundestag, became deputy chairmen of the interior committee. 1987 he was selected from the citizen of Berlin Lower House after Fraktionsproporz, 1990 engaged he on the FDP national list into the parliament.

It is member in the association against forgetting - for democracy, presidency member citizens of Berlin of the regional organization of the German society for the United Nations, Federal leader of the GermanChinese society (friends Taiwans) and Kuratoriumsmitglied of the Karl Hamann donation.

1980 it was distinguished with the French Ordre national de Mérite.

Lüder was twice married and has a daughter, Anna.

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