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Wolfgang Leonhard (* 16. April 1921 in Vienna) is a political writer, journalist, historian and east expert. It is one of the prominent connoisseurs of the former Soviet Union and communism, married with the former Member of the Bundestag Dr. phil. Elke Leonhard, SPD.


Wolfgang (eigtl. Vladimir) Leonhard went as a boy with his nut/mother first into Swedish, then into Soviet exile to Moscow. It studied from 1940 to 1941 at the Muscovites educational university forForeign languages, 1941 were resettled into the area Karaganda in north Kazakhstan and visited from 1942 to 1943 the school of the Komintern. From 1943 on Leonhard member of the national committee was free Germany and turned at the beginning of of May 1945 as 24jähriger young functionary also Walter Ulbricht and the group of Ulbricht to Berlin back, where he dedicated himself in Berlin to the structure of the local administration. By July 1945 until September 1947 it was in the department agitation and propaganda of the ZK of the KPD (starting from 1946 ZK of the SED) actively. Was from 1947 to 1949 Wolfgang Leonhard teacher to the SED Parteihochschule Karl Marx, Fakultät history, in Kleinmachnow. The communist Leonhard broke however from opposition with the Stalinismus and fled 1949 over Prague after Yugoslavia, where it was active with radio Belgrade. 1950 it moved into the Federal Republic of Germany , where it as an east expert, commentator for questions of the Soviet Union and international communism, occasionally than so mentioned “Kremlin - Astrologe " designates, was active.From 1956 to 1958 Leonhard completed post office Graduate Studies at the pc. Antony´s college of the University OF Oxford. 1963 to 1964 it exercised a research work as a senior Research Fellow at Institut for Russia research of the Columbia University, New York.In the years 1966 to 1987 it exercised a training activity at the historical faculty of the Yale University with the central topics of interest “history of the USSR” and “history of the communist world movement”. Since July 1987 it visited regularly the Soviet Union and/or today Russiaand some other GUS - states. Since 1993 it was seven times as an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Euro - choice observers with the elections in Russia, Belarus and last in the Ukraine. He was a guest professor at the universities of Michigan, Mainz, Trier, Kiel, Chemnitz and Erfurt. Today it is active as east expert, journalist and lecture speakers and lives in one-the-separates (the Eifel).

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  • “1955 dismiss most important publications its best-seller “the revolution with Kiepenheuer & Witsch appeared anddescribes his political way of Moscow in the year 1935 up to his escape from the Soviet zone of occupation at that time 1949. 2006 appeared the expenditure for hearing book on MP3 and CD (ISBN 3-933350-07-7). More information to this book:
  • Kremlin withoutStalin, 1959
  • Soviet ideology today, 1962
  • Khrushchev, 1965
  • the three-splitting marxism, 1970
  • the eve of a new revolution, 1975
  • euro communism, 1978
  • the short life of the GDR, 1990
  • tracing, 40 after year “the revolution dismissestheir children ", 1992 (ISBN 3-462-02390-X)
  • play with the fire - of Russia painful way to the democracy, 1998 (ISBN 3-404-60457-1)
  • the combination from KPD and SPD to the SED, 2006 (ISBN 3-86557-073-9)
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