Wolfgang Mueller von Königswinter

Büste (1896) of Wolfgang Mueller von Königswinter on the Rhine avenue in king winter
Wolfgang Mueller von Königswinter in the circle of his family
Wolfgang Mueller von Königswinter (* 15. March 1816 in king winters; † 29. June 1873 in bath new-feed, actually PeterWilliam Karl Mueller) was a physician, an art critic and a politician; More closely patriotic lyric poetry, popular Volkslieder and legends.

Excerpt from the poem for the 1859 with 22 years queen of Portugal, died (Princess Stephanie von Hohenzollern Sigmaringen):

It pulls 0, which mourning customer by the country of that
city on the sea, „! Dully/mustily and heavily
where the Tajo last waves strike broadly,
the complaint sounds,the Thräne flows there:
Home-gone there from Portugal
the young queen is in recent days!
Where it sank so early from the throne,
there becomes a marble stehn Lisbon,
dull/musty rings bells, darkly burns candles -
we put it up a quiet monument,
thatwonderful lasts by the years run -
a dear monument is 's in faithful hearts! “


  • the monk of Heisterbach, Ballade
  • 1842: Balladen and romances
  • 1851: Loreley
  • 1852: May queen
  • Rheini novellas
  • narrations of a rheinischen chronicler
  • to the quiet pleasure
  • 1863: Comedy: She discovered her heart


Luchtenberg, Paul: Wolfgang Mueller von Königswinter (two volumes). Cologne 1959.

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