Wolfgang Paalen

Wolfgang Paalen (* 1905 in bathing with Vienna; † 1959 in Taxco, Mexico) were an important painter and art theoretician.

Paalen was starting from 1936 member that Paris Surrealistengruppe around André Breton. It moved 1939 to Mexico , where it published the art magazine DYN between 1941 and 1945 (joke fount, No. 1-6). By its magazine and its operational readiness level and exhibitions in the New York of the war years he exerted substantial influence on the artists the New York School .

He suggested an art theory of the observer-dependent painting, which arranged new Schwungkraft and a uniform , new conception of the world for the abstract painting in his essays and his work, lively from Kontingenztheorien and the realizations of quantum physics. Besides it brought new ideas into the discussion around the amer indianische art, above all the art to the northwest coast of North America. Robert MON-ago-wave studied with it in Mexico and gave to 1945 its essays under the title form and scythe. Problem of OF Contemporary kind in New York out. 1951 - it lived 1954 in Paris. Paalen died by free death 1959 in Mexico.


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