Wolfgang puck

Wolfgang puck (* 8. July 1949 in sank Veit to the Glan, Kärnten) is a Austrian star cook, who lives and works today in California, the USA.

Puck is one of the most well-known cooks, who combine European and asiatic kitchens. Today it operates among other things under its name much dozen of Franchise - restaurants in America and in Japan. It is salient that on no bill of fare of its restaurants Viennese is missing the shred.

He is owner of over 60 restaurants, which of more elevated nearly Food restaurants over Cafés up to the exclusive Gourmet - catering trade hand. The latter runs in its program under the name “Fine Dining Group”. The most famous under it are the “Spago” in the cities read Vegas, Beverly Hills, Palo Alto and on Maui, as well as the “Chinois”, the “Postrio”, “Wolfgang puck bar & grill” and the “Trattoria del Lupo” - all four in Vegas likewise read. Its remaining restaurants “Wolfgang puck express” etc., as well as the Cafés are everywhere in the USA distributed. Altogether it over 5000 coworkers and its annual turnover employ are 100-Mio. - Dollar range.

For years it is with the OSCAR - supervisors tradition, the Wolfgang puck Catering with the culinary part, the Festessen of each OSCAR award to assign.

Recently Wolfgang puck was selected under the Riege of the 100 most influential Americans. Meanwhile he is after Arnold Schwarzenegger the most famous foreign Austrian in the USA.

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