Wolfgang Schäuble

Wolfgang Schäuble (* 18. September 1942 in Freiburg in mash gau) is a German politician (CDU).

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU)

it is since 2005 Federal Ministers of the Interior.

It was from 1984 to 1989 Federal Ministers for special tasks and boss of theOffice of the Federal Chancellor, from 1989 to 1991 Federal Ministers of the Interior and from 1991 to 2000 of chairmen of the CDU CSU - Bundestag faction. Were from 1998 to 2000 it in addition Federal leader of the CDU.

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training and occupation

after the Abitur 1961 completed Schäuble a study to that of right - and economic science in Freiburg in mash gau and Hamburg, which it 1966 with first and 1970with the second legal state examination terminated.

1971 took place its graduation to the Dr. jur. with the work the occupation-legal position of the chartered accoutants in companies of auditors. It occurred then the fiscal administration of the country Baden-Wuerttemberg and was here last active as a government advice with the tax office Freiburg I.

Subsequently, it was certified from 1978 to 1984 as an attorney at the regional court open castle.


Schäuble is with the Volkswirtin Inge-borrows Schäuble married and has four children. His brother Thomas Schäuble was Minister of the Interior of the country Baden-Wuerttemberg and is since 2004 executive committee of the of Baden ones State State of red house.

a party

1961 it began its political career with the entrance into the boy union. During the study he became also a chairman of the RCDS in Hamburg and/or. Freiburg. it occurred 1965 then also the CDU. Of 1969 until 1972 he was district chairman of the boys union south bathing. From 1976 to 1984 he was then a chairman of the federal specialized committee sport of the CDU.

After the lost election to the Bundestag 1998 Schäuble of Federal leaders of the CDU became. After it and the CDU Schatzmeisterin at that time Brigitte building master in the year 2000 duringthe investigations the CDU donation affair contradicting statements about the whereabouts had made themselves 1994 transacted 100.000-DM-Spende of the weapon lobbyists Karl Heinz writer, that was accepted by Schäuble in cash, both were pushed to deliver their posts. Schäubles successor became Angela Merkel.


Schäuble is since 1972 member of the German federal daily. Here he was from 1981 to 1984 a parliamentary managing director of the CDU/CSU Bundestag faction. In November 1991 he was then selected to the leader of the parliamentary group. Also of this office it withdrew in February 2000 in the course of the CDU donation affair.Since October 2002 is it deputy chairmen of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group.

Wolfgang Schäuble was selected always directly into the German Bundestag. It reached 285 (open castle ) 50.5% the delivered Erststimmen last with the election to the Bundestag 2005 in the constituency, after 52,9% with the election to the Bundestag 2002.

public offices

to 15. November 1984 it was appointed as a Federal Minister for special tasks and boss of the Office of the Federal Chancellor into the Federal Government led of Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl. In this function it was entrusted also with the preparation of the state visit by Erich Honecker 1987.

On the occasion of a cabinet reorganization it became then to 21. April 1989 appointed the Federal Minister of the Interior. As such it was 1990 also negotiator of the Federal Republic of Germany around the agreement contract with the GDR.

To 12. October 1990 became Schäuble with an assassination attempt after an election campaign meeting in Oppenau by a shot, which was fired by a psychologically ill man, heavily hurts. It is and used since then from the third Brustwirbel downward a wheelchair.

1997 explained Helmut Kohl, Schäuble its desire candidate for a follow-up was in the office of the Federal Chancellor. However is oneOffice delivery before 2002 do not take place. After the logging-off of Eberhard Diepgen as governing mayors of Berlin was Schäuble as a leading candidate for the preferred new elections to 21. October 2001 in the discussion, was rejected however by the citizens of Berlin CDU in favor of of franc Steffel.

The CSU and partsSchäuble wanted to suggest at the beginning of to the CDU March 2004 considering its large political experience for the choice of the Federal President.

To 22. November 2005 was appointed Schäuble as a Federal Minister of the Interior into the Federal Government led of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. Its appointment into this office became because of itsParticipation in the CDU donation affair partly criticizes.


Schäuble for the shifting of the seat of the government of the Federal Republic engaged itself political positions to Berlin; its speech is considered as crucial turning point of the debate in the Bundestag at that time.

1999 initiated Schäuble a signature action against the reform of the German nationality right. The campaign stood integration under the slogan for “- doubled nationality no”.

He accused quite often Gesichtslosigkeit to the Federal Chancellor at that time Gerhard Schröder, because this avails itself the violations of human rights, of those the Russian government, uncritical accepts.

Schäuble meant, the problem of Europe was not the European Union,separate individual governments, that could not resist “the temptation” to use the European Union and Europe as a scapegoat for problems in the own country. As example he stated the stability pact, as well as the statement of the Treasury that the introduction of the euro would harm the economy.

Schäubles positionsin the security politics can apply as disputed.

In December 2005 Schäuble suggested permitting statements of tortures as evidence. In particular in the “fight against the terror” statements of abroad arrested one, with which torture cannot be excluded, could be helpful. This view Schäubles did not becomeonly of the opposition parties FDP, left wing party and the GREEN as well as of the coalition partner SPD rejected, but led also to the criticism in the own rows, then CSU Secretary-General Markus Söder expressed itself against it.

In order to make possible an employment of the German Federal Armed Forces for safety tasks within the national borders, speaks itselfSchäuble for an appropriate change of the Basic Law out. While politicians of the Union parties support this demand, them are rejected by the remaining parties.


November 2005 Wolfgang Schäuble the honour doctor title of the jurisprudential faculty of the University of Freiburg (Switzerland) kept honours lent.


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