Wolfgang Schmidt Futterer

Wolfgang Schmidt Futterer (* 4. October 1927 in Schlesien; † 2. April 1978) was a civil court judge at the regional court Mannheim and specialized in the rental law.

During the Second World War he put the emergency Abitur down and afterwards to the armed forces for the front employment was drawn in. There it suffered burns, which led to an irreversible going blind at both eyes. Despite limited the academic occupation possibilities for a blind one in postwar Germany it took up the study of the jurisprudence Goettingen . To the first state examination it moved to Mannheim . There it existed its Assessorexamen and occurred the law service of Baden-Wuerttemberg . It was active up to its end of life as civil court judges at the regional court Mannheim.

As a member of an appointment and a complaint chamber he was concerned among other things with the rental law. By essays in technical periodicals he gained the call as an expert in this right area. Thus it applied into the 1970ern as one of the best connoisseurs of the German rental law (“rental law Pope”).

Wolfgang Schmidt Futterer wrote several books to the rental law, z. B. the Beck' right encyclopedia “rental law” (1969), which was annually again presented and of to lifetimes of the author of approximately 100,000 copies was sold. With “rent and lease” he brought a popular-scientific work out starting from 1972 to this topic.

Its most important work is the 1974 in first edition comment of “ tenant protection laws” appeared. Cause for this was the reform of the rental law by the social liberal government. Schmidt Futterer was party-politically free, was close however to the ideas of the social-democracy . He wanted to compile therefore a scientifically founded commentating, in order to show that a socially out-arranged private law is to be quite brought with free market conditions in agreement. This brought in from opponent the abschätzige designation “red Wolfgang” for it. The work was taken up nevertheless enthusiastically by practice and developed rapidly to a standard comment. Also after Schmidt Futterers death was resumed the comment under its name. The “Schmidt Futterer” appeared last 2003 in the respected edition with an extent from over 2.500 sides (ISBN 3406472710).

Wolfgang Schmidt Futterer died to 2. April 1978 at a sudden heart failure. The German renting court day assigns annually in honours since 2003 the Schmidt Futterer price for outstanding scientific Monografien with rent-legal emphasis, endowed with 4.000 euro, to him.

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