Wolfgang shoemaker

Dr. Wolfgang Schuster im Herbst 2004
Dr. Wolfgang shoemaker in the autumn 2004

Wolfgang shoemaker (* 5. September 1949 in Ulm) is since January 1997 Stuttgart mayor. He is the successor in office of Manfred Rommel.

It studied on the right of from 1969 to 1973 in Tübingen , Geneva and Freiburgand political sciences. During its study it became member of the A.V. Guestfalia Tübingen in the CV. From 1974 to 1976 he spent his junior lawyer time in Ulm up to the graduation in the civil law. From 1976 to 1977 it studied national one D ' administration (ENA) at that Paris Ecole. Since 1975he was for the CDU in the Ulmer town councillor and became 1985 a personal adviser of Manfred Rommel. 1986 - 1993 he was mayor of Swabian Gmünd, afterwards to 1996 mayors for culture, education and sport of the state capital Stuttgart.

In the choice to the mayor of Stuttgartit could do itself in the second ballot to 10. November 1996 comparatively scarcely with 43,1% against the candidate of the Greens, Rezzo hose (39.3%) implement. To 24. October 2004 became a shoemaker in 2. Ballot with 53,3% in the office confirmed, its competitors were Boris Palmer (Alliance 90/Die the Green), who withdrew its candidacy after the first ballot and then for shoemakers expressed themselves, as well as Ute Kumpf (SPD) with 45,2% in 2. Ballot.

Political emphasis endeavors it particularly within the range of the building industry and industrial development to set itself.Its Migranten and integration politics are considered as exemplary. With the mechanism „“it set one for rounds of table of the religions also for the inter+religious dialogue in the state capital indication.

Newest objective is to make Stuttgart the child-friendliest city of Germany. The largest project during its term of office - Stuttgart 21 - is a comprehensive town development project, which concerns among other things the change Stuttgart main station to most modern Germany. These projects are in the Schwebe.

It in addition, failed projects become again and again such as of Stuttgart last place with the national interlocutory decision around the olympia application for 2012and interspersing of the building of a German Trump Towers in the quarter on that, not succeeded, Prague (urban district Stuttgart north) accused.

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