Wolfgang rewinding stand

Wolfgang rewinding stand, (* 18. November 1931 in Berlin), German zoologist, behavior researcher and journalist. It led the Ethologi department starting from 1974 and took over 1975 as a director the total line of the institute for Max-Planck for behavior physiology to sea-meadows with star mountain. Also after its retirement (1999) it remained closely connected Institut in sea-meadows and ensured among other things for its smooth delivery to at that time the again developing institute for Max-Planck for Ornithologie.


after the Abitur (1951) he studied biology and went to it as a scholarship holder to Planck Max Planck for behavior physiology, where Konrad Lorenz and Erich of gets its teachers became. After a doctor work over the behavior of basic fish he was starting from 1960 a scientific assistant in sea-meadows and finally habilitierte himself 1969 at the University of Munich. There it received also the appointment to 1976 to the unscheduled professor at the scientific faculty; 1970 he had already received a training participation in the catholic-theological faculty for biological bases of views of moral of humans awarded.

Rewinding stand special field became the reconstruction of the master history of animal communities as well as the analysis of communication with animals. In addition, among other things it examined „the dialects “from birds, already 1968 developed in the year 2002 alone book concerning mimicry, in the German linguistic area. Furthermore to the Forschungsgebieten studies belonged to its department at of Planck Max Planck for behavior physiology over the social behavior of spiders and grasshoppers, over food acquisition, reproduction and generation of pairs with shrimps as well as rather philosophically coined/shaped publications to „the biological argumentation “in connection with ethical questions (among other things 1971 „the biology of the ten requirements “). Large attention in a broad public found to 1981 female from rewinding stand together with Ute the Seibt written , soziobiologisch - coined/shaped book „the principle self-interest “as well as 1983 (again with Ute Seibt wrote) the book „male -. A law of nature and its consequences “; in the center of both books the evolution of the behavior was located - which became guidance question so formulated: „As the behavior of the organisms would have to be constituted, if the evolution theory is correct? “(„the principle self-interest “, preface). It was reproached to them in each case that cultural influences on the behavior of humans in their publications were not denied, but were not considered if necessary at the edge. It is extremely unusual that several were made again accessible its books decades after their Erstveröffentlichung by New editions.

In November 1997 the senate of the Max-Planck company decided, with the retirement of Professor. Wolfgang rewinding stand to 30. November 1999 the locking of the institute for Max-Planck for behavior physiology. The ornithologische research is continued since then in one „institute for Max-Planck for Ornithologie “(Erling Andechs, Radolfzell and sea-meadows).

Wolfgang rewinding stand belongs together with former Bonn behavior biologies Hanna Maria Zippelius to the most offensive critics of the instinct theory of its Mentors Konrad Lorenz.

Wolfgang rewinding stand is married since 1956 with Agnes Oehm, has four adults of children and works also as organist.

literature selection

rewinding stand, W.: Mimicry. Imitation and deception in nature. Munich: 1968.

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