Wolfgang wolf

Wolfgang wolf (* 24. September 1957 in Tiefenthal) is a German football coach and a former player.

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career as a player

its firstStation as players was the VfR Hettenleidelheim until 1976. Afterwards it changed to the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern (1976-88), afterwards to Stuttgart kicker (1988-92) and finally to the VfR Mannheim (1992-94).

largest ones of successes as a player

qualification for the UEFA Cup 1979-82, as well as DFB cup - finalist alsothe 1.FC Kaiserslautern, federal league - ascent with Stuttgart kicker. 308 federal league plays, 16 gates.

career as a coach

largest one of successes as a coach

ascent of the regional league into the 2. Federal league 1996 with Stuttgart kicker, qualification for the UEFA Cup 1999, ascent inthe 1.Bundesliga with 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg 2004.


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