Wolter of Plettenberg

Wolter of Plettenberg, (* around 1450 on castle Meyerich, Wesfalen (today Welver Meyerich), † 28. February 1535 in turns, live country, most important medal master of live country. It occurred in the age of 14 years the livländischen branch of the German knight medal. In Riga he dressed the office of the highest financial official of the medal in live country starting from 1481. Land master Freytag appointed it 1489 the livländischen land marshal of the German medal. In this position it already contributed under its predecessor crucial to the agreement of old live country. After the death of the livländschen land master Johann Freytag of Loringhoven (1485-1494), it was selected 1494 to its successor. As a land master of live country it triumphed with its knights and with a quantity of Germans, Letten and Esten in the battle at the Smolinasee to 13. September 1502 still another the latter times over the opponents of old live country. With extreme intelligence it continued the deliberated policy of its predecessor Freytag starting from 1503 (peace treaty with Iwan III of Moscow). Working and having a lasting effect its personality (it remained catholic) made starting from 1522 the unblutige introduction for the reformation possible in live country with Germans, Esten and Letten. Live country owed a nearly sechszigjährige peacetime, which to a cultural high bloom in the area of the today's states Estonia and Lettland led to its model. Only 1558, 23 years after Plettenbergs death, opened Iwan IV of Moscow the Livländi war, which should lead 1561 to the fall of old live country.


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