Woodrow Wilson

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (* 28. December 1856 in being astonished clay/tone, Virginia, the USA; † 3. February 1924 in Washington (D.C.)) president of the USA was from 1913 to 1921. After initial neutrality the USA under it stepped1917 into the First World War . To its initiative the establishment of the Völkerbundes decreases/goes back .

Woodrow Wilson


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Woodrow Wilson was a professor for jurisprudence and Political economy at the University of Princeton, of 1902 - 1910 also their rector. 1912 became Wilson for the democratic party governor of new jersey.

To 5. November 1912 won Wilson against between William the H. Taffeta and Theodore Roosevelt split republican the choice to 28. President of the USA. Vice-president became Thomas's R. Marshal. Wilson was a second democratic president since 1861 and the first president since Zachary Taylor, that from the former Konföderierten statesfrom America came. Relating to domestic affairs Wilson used itself particularly in the sense of the progressivism for a sozialreformerische policy. Among other things it used the Federal trade Commission against quasi-monopolyistic Trusts . Wilson was also at that time a racingist unusually sharp for yardsticks, which introduced the racial segregation with the thing of the former Konföderierten states of America sympathy ores, and in many social ranges of the public administration and the military , where it had not given her before.

In the First World War Wilson pursued at firsta policy of neutrality of the USA rather inkonsequente, since it did not order any sanctions against Great Britain because of the blockade of the maritime trade in Baltic Sea and North Sea (with the also US-American of ships by the British government were seized). This policy of neutrality was substantial topicits re-election 1916. The democratic party recruited votes with the saying: “He kept US out OF was!” (“It kept us away from the war! ”), against the wide-spread opinion Woodrow Wilson said this sentence however in not one election campaign speech.Only with the resumption unrestricted submarine - war by the German Reich (as answer to this blockade contrary to international law), the public opinion in the United States changed for the October Revolution in Russia and the carpenter telegram. To 6. Those stepped April 1917The USA into the First World War. Wilson suggested the 14-Punkte-Programm, which planned among other things the right of self-determination of the peoples and the creation of a Völkerbundes for the prevention of further wars to the peace treaty. In the peace negotiations, which led to the contract of Versailles (inthe loser states the participation), could intersperse he remained malfunctioned for those the 14 points however only partially. That was above all because of the fact that Wilsons position was weakened by the strong criticism of the republicans in the USA. Consequently far parts feltof Wilson, also and the straight democratic forces tell themselves the German population, because Germany had capitulated only under certain conditions. These conditions were broken however by the Versailler contract and the signing of the contract by continuation of the hunger blockade was extorted.A further failure Wilsons showed up in the peace treaty with Austria. In the 14-Punke-Programm the right of self-determination of the peoples was intended, nevertheless had Austria the German-language South Tyrol at Italy transfer, whereby a long suffering way of the Austrian minority in Italy began, only alsothe South Tyrol autonomy off approx. 1960 were regulated.

Congress of US rejected - with the Versailler contract coupled - the entry to the Völkerbund, and the USA withdrew themselves after the First World War Europe . 1919 suffered Wilson a physicalCollapse, which led due to an impact accumulation to the halflateral paralysis. Due to its physical condition he hardly was thereafter able to notice its office business. Wilson received the Nobel peace prize for its efforts to 1919 around the Völkerbund.

Woodrow Wilson is on the 100.000$Note printed.


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