World Series

World Series designates the final the US-American baseball - professional leagues.

In the World Series meet one another annually in October the winners that national League and the American League .

The World Series is a Best OF Seven series, i.e., the first team four plays, is American baseball master wins. The remaining plays are not then any longer delivered. The plays always take place within one week of Saturday until Sunday, whereby Monday and Friday are free in each case. First two plays in the home stadium of one of the two crews take place, then up tothree in the stadium of the others, if still no winner is then certain, the plays remaining up to two take place again in the first stadium. The leagues alternated until 2003 annually, which concerns the home right for the first plays; since that time the first home right concernsthat league, which begin the universe star Game, an annual play with that a selection of the best players of each league against each other, won.

Due to the different handling of the Designated Hitter rule of the two leagues - in the American League may in the offensive for the Pitcher (thrower)so-called Designated Hitter (spare impact man) to be used, in which League is not national this permitted - had to be closed for the World Series a compromise. This plans since 1986 that the rules of the home stadium apply in each case; in a American League stadium becomes thus also, in a stadiuma national League team without Designated Hitter easily. From 1975 to 1985 in even-numbered years with Designated Hitter one played, in odd-number years without. The rule was introduced to the American League 1973, however generally played of course until 1975 the World Series without Designated Hitter.

This meeting one another took place for the first time 1903, first as part of a unique arrangement between the two leagues disliked before. Since 1905 it is held annually. Once the most important national sport event of the USA, must stand back the series today behind the super Bowl of the American football.

1919 solveda preconcerted series, in which players let themselves be bought their loss of Buchmachern, one to today notorious scandal out, „the Black Sox Scandal “- the bought crew was called actually Chicago White Sox. Sport bets thereupon strongly reduced and all players involved became on lifetimeclosed.

1994 were void the World Series, since trade union stepped the player into strike against the owners of club and was broken off therefore the season in August.

Until 1997 knew teams from the national and the American League gives in the World Series to only meet one another, since itbut already in the regular season Interleague Games, thus plays between the leagues.

The statement often belonged, the name of the Series decreases/goes back to the newspaper The New York World, at the beginning 20. Century the first World Series aligned or at least gesponsort,as a legend turned out; such Sponsoring did not give it, the name is thus quite as „world championship “to be understood, even if only US-American and a Canadian team in the leagues involved play. So far there were only two Canadian victories, in the years1992 and 1993 won in each case the Toronto Blue Jays.

There were several times considerations to organize a genuine crew world championship to let for example the US winner play against the Japanese master and a Latin American team. So far it did not come to it however ever. Plays against CubanTeams, which are generally considered as the best non--US teams, are not possible because of the economic of boycott of the USA against Cuba.

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