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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the largest and most well-known Wrestlingliga of the world and has its master seat in Stamford (Connecticut). After a law case with the World would game-run find changed the WWE for its names to 6. May 2002 of World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in World Wrestling Entertainment. Principal part owner of the WWE is the family McMahon under its family head Vincent K. McMahon.

The two main endings of the WWE, “Raw” and “SmackDown!” before the camera as against each other competing are represented. This competition is however part of the Storylines, from which fights, feuds, quarrels or friendships posed between the individual Wrestlern result. Exactly the same it behaves with the “general in such a way specified managers”, who - likewise only before the camera - who both Rostern lead. Also they are only one part of the history, which one tells to the spectators. With SmackDown! momentarily Theodore R. has. Long the post general manager. Raw possesses at present no general manager, after Vince McMahon dismissed the past general manager Eric Bischoff (in former times boss of the competition league WCW changed over meanwhile in WWE possession) in very impressive way (he let throw him into a refuse collector and from resounded brings). For this reason the Raw Roster is led kommissarisch by Vince McMahon.

The most well-known Wrestler, for the WWE and/or. WWF begin or began are Hulk Hogan, Bret “The Hitman” hard, Mick Foley (also under its Gimmicks Dude Love, Cactus Jack and one child well-known), The skirt, Steve Austin, Bill gold mountain, Shawn Michaels as well as Bob Backlund, The Undertaker, Andre the Giant, short fish, Ric flair, Randy Savage, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Batista, tripolarize H, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Yokozuna, Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio .

The WWE became 1963, as World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) of Vincent McMahon (gest. 1984) based, which split itself off with this step that national Wrestling Alliance (NWA). 1982 bought its son Vincent K. McMahon its father the league off and introduced a new era of the Wrestling. Vincent K. McMahon belongs as per. Forbes today to the 400 richest Americans.

large meetings (PPVs/Pay by Views)

large meetings of the WWE are transferred as Pay by View (PPV) internationally in the television. PPVs constitute 1/4 of the gross income with WWE. In Germany one can see these large meetings on premiere direct with 1 hour of delay. For the year 2006 WWE planned the following large meetings:

New Year's revolution

  • at the 8.Januar
  • Roster: RAW

Royal Rumble

  • to 29. January
  • Roster: RAW & SmackDown!

NO Way Out

  • to 19. February
  • Roster: SmackDown!

WrestleMania 22

  • to 2. April
  • Roster: RAW & SmackDown!


  • to 30. April
  • Roster: RAW

Judgment Day

  • to 21. May
  • Roster: SmackDown!

ECW “Another One Night conditions”

  • at the 11. June
  • Roster: RAW & SmackDown! & ehem. ECW Wrestler


  • to 25. June
  • Roster: RAW

Saturday Night's Main Event

  • to 15. July
  • Roster: RAW & SmackDown!
  • Remark: Takes place several times in irregular distances.

The Great American Bash

  • to 23. July
  • Roster: SmackDown!


  • to 27. August
  • Roster: RAW & SmackDown!


  • to 17. September
  • Roster: RAW

NO Mercy

  • to 08. October
  • Roster: SmackDown!

Cyber Sunday

  • to 05. November
  • Roster: RAW

Survivor Series

  • to 26. November
  • Roster: RAW & SmackDown!


  • to 17. December
  • Roster: SmackDown!


produces Show formats apart from the large meetings each week sieves Show formats for the television. These hot:

Monday Night RAW

  • two-hour main ending of the RAW Rosters.
  • Live-radiant emittance in the USA each Monday evening on the USA network.
  • Premiere sport portal mostly shows a shortened summary each Tuesday at 16 o'clock and around 23:00 clock (eight days delay).


  • a-hour Nebensendung of the RAW Rosters.
  • Radiant emittance in the USA each Friday afternoon on (recording on Mondays).
  • Premiere sport portal shows Heat each Thursday (six days delay)

Bottom LINE

  • a-hour summary of the RAW show.
  • In North America is not no more radiated.
  • Premiere sport portal shows Bottom LINE each Wednesday.

Friday Night SmackDown!

  • Two-hour main ending of the SmackDown! - Rosters.
  • Radiant emittance in the USA each Friday evening on the US transmitter UPN (recording of Tuesday).
  • Tele 5 shows a shortened summary each Thursday over for instance 0:00 clock (after the second feature) (six days delay).


  • a-hour Nebensendung of the SmackDown! - Rosters.
  • Radiant emittance in the USA each Saturday mornings on (recording of Tuesday).
  • Premiere sport portal shows Velocity each Friday around 16:00 clock (seven days delay).


  • a-hour summary of the Friday Night SmackDown! - Show.
  • In North America is not no more radiated.
  • Premiere sport portal shows Afterburn each Friday.

A.M. Raw

A.M. Raw is an in-hour summary of the Raw show, of which in the USA Saturday in the morning on the transmitter the USA network is radiated, in Germany however does not run.

byte This

byte This is a transmission, which is radiated on Wednesdays exclusively on This concerns a call in show, in which spectators can call and place questions. Each week gives it in addition guest star from the current WWE cadres. The transmission of Todd Grisham is moderated. Of 19. February 2006 inserted byte This a temporary break on, some time however again in the program was later then taken.

Saturday Nights Main Event

SNME is a transmission by both Rostern, Smackdown and RAW since newest with NBC to the Prime Time is thus radiated.

Developement leagues

the WWE has two further Wrestlingligen Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and Deep South Wrestling (DSW), it uses around Wrestler to train. New Wrestler is made familiar here only once with the WWE and afterwards usually into the staff of WWE RAW or SmackDown! taken up.

The OVW has its location in Louisville, Kentucky and their leader is Danny Davis. Originally the founder and Booker Jim Cornette led the league, until he was fired due to repeated failure. Meanwhile Paul Heyman worries about the Booking of the league and thus also about the training of the beginners.

The DSW be based in McDounough, Georgia and was taken over after the OVW as the second farm league. It consists originally of the NWA savage-simmers and has thus also some their Wrestler still in the Roster. It is led by the Bill Behrens, the savage simmering founder, and Bill DeMott. Their first show organized the DSW at the 1. September 2005.


the most important titles, which are delivered in the WWE, are:

current RAW/SmackDown! Champion

fire champion title
or honor
current one (r) champion (s) held since
RAW WWE champion John Cena 29. January 2006
Intercontinental champion Rob Van Dam 30. April 2006
Women's champion Mickie James 2. April 2006
World day team champion mirror-image-guessed/advised † 3 to Squad ( Kenny, Mikey, Mitch , Johnny and Nicky ). April 2006
SmackDown! World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio 2. April 2006
United States champion John “Bradshaw” Layfield 2. April 2006
Cruiserweight champion Gregory of helmet 29. January 2006
WWE day team champion MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro) 27. December 2005
King OF the ring break Lesnar into (2002) 23. June 2002
RAW and SmackDown! Royal Rumble Winner Rey Mysterio (2006) 29. January 2006
  1. by a “executive decree”, are all five members mirror-image-guessed/advised to Squad World day team champion

current Ohio Valley Wrestling/Deep South Wrestling champion

fire champion title
or honor
the current one (r) champion (s) held since
OVW Heavyweight champion Brent Albright 1. March 2006
Television champion Seth Skyfire 8. March 2006
Southern day team champion Roadkill and Kasey James 5. April 2006
DSW Deep South Heavyweight champion Derek Neikirk 22. December 2005

champion titles and honors WWE Undisputed

  • Championship any longer not existing (2001-2002) (now the WWE Championship)
  • WWE European Championship (1997-2002) (combined with the WWE Intercontinental title)
  • WWE hard core Championship (1998-2002) (combined with the WWE Intercontinental title)
  • OVW hard core Championship (2000-2001)
  • OVW Light Heavyweight Championship (1999-2001)
  • WWF Light Heavyweight Championship (1981-2001) (former WCW Cruiserweight combines champion title to the WWE Cruiserweight champion title with that)
  • WWF million dollar Championship (1989-1992, 1995-1996)
  • WWF Intercontinental day team Championship (1991)
  • WWF Women's day team Championship (1983-1989)
  • WWF new Japan Martial kind Championship (1978-1985)
  • WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship (1967-1985)
  • WWF internationally Heavyweight Championship (1959-1963, 1982-1985)
  • WWF internationally day team Championship (1969-1985)
  • WWF North American Championship (1979-1981)
  • WWWF United States Championship (1970-1976)
  • WWWF United States day team Championship (1963-1967)

current Roster (SmackDown! , RAW, OVW and DSW)

each year are back and forth exchanged some WWE Superstars between the shows (Draft Lottery). 2005 z. B. changed from RAW to SmackDown!: Batista, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton , Christian (meanwhile with TNA Wrestling), Muhammad Hassan and Daivari (both became to dismiss, but Daivari created it to RAW, came however with short fishes again to SmackDown! and thereafter Mark followed Henry). Of SmackDown! to RAW changed: Bend show, Carlito, John Cena, short fish is meanwhile again with SmackDown! , Rob Van Dam.

For the current Roster see World Wrestling Entertainment Roster

to WWE resound to OF Fame

like the name already betrays, it concerns an honor as acknowledgment for the best Wrestler of the WWE (and/or. WWF). In addition belong:

  • Andre the Giant (since 1993)
  • Fredie blow they (since 1994)
  • Bobo Brasil (since 1994)
  • James Dudley (since 1994)
  • gorilla Monsoon (since 1994)
  • Buddy Rogers (since 1994)
  • Arnold Skaaland (since 1994)
  • Chief Jay Strongbow (since 1994)
  • Ernie Ladd (since 1995)
  • The Fabulous Moolah (since 1995)
  • Pedro Morales (since 1995)
  • Ivan Putski (since 1995)
  • Antonio Rocca (since 1995)
  • George Steele (since 1995)
  • The Grand Wizard (since 1995)
  • Captain Lou Albano (since 1996)
  • killer Kowalski (since 1996)
  • Vincent J. McMahon (since 1996)
  • Pat Patterson (since 1996)
  • Johnny Rodz (since 1996)
  • Mikel Scicluna (since 1996)
  • Jimmy Snuka (since 1996)
  • Johnny & Jimmy Vailant (since 1996)
  • Junkyard Dog (since 2004)
  • Billy Graham (since 2004)

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