Wum is an indication trick figure of the humorists and Cartoonisten Loriot.

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of emergence

in the autumn 1970 showed the Second Channel of German Television short Zeichentrick Spots, in which a dog its Herrchen, animated a male with tuber nose to it, to do something for its spirit and to look three times nine. Loriot had used both figures frequently in its Comic books. Wim Thoelke experienced during the work for the second expenditure of the show of it and could the Spot on a Studiomonitor be demonstrated. Thereupon it took the dog also in the program: For the end of the transmission he spoke with the figure, which required one - still complicated at that time - trick technology (Bluescreen technology). Equal the first time turned out it to an enormous success, whereupon the spectators should find a name for the animal. At most coolie (regarding the Quizmaster colleague Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, which should say the opinion to him) and Wum were called, following Wim. Thus at the beginning of 1971 Wum was born.

hit parade

Since music performances were an important component of the show, it lay near to let also Wum sing whereby it concerned Loriots speech singing. Thus it arrived in December 1972 with I wishes itself 'ne small Mietzekatze for full nine weeks at the first place of the single Charts (see also to list of the number unity hits in Germany (1972)). The incomes from the sales benefitted the action concern child .


  • Wums singing: I wish yourself ne small Miezekatze / I are a small dog
  • Wums singing: Abbl Dibabbl / … point half eight
  • Wum & Wendelin: Which you play there / I hot Wendelin

the large price

early appearances

for the three-mark nine-follow-up transmission the large price maintained one the figure, what together with walter Spahrbier underlined the continuity of the action concern child. Here Wum appeared however not at the end of the transmission, but before the third round: Wum called according to “Thöööölke”, whereupon Wim Thoelke stepped before a large ground-glass plate, on which Wum appeared. The two conversed over something and Wum terminated the discussion with the reference to the deadline, up to which lots for the next transmission could be bought - usually “… Saturday in eight days " and its right ear formed a knot. Wum sat invariably on a red stool, with which he knew swings - such seat furniture filled with plastic foam balls was at that time EN vogue.

Wum and Wendelin

after some time a grey elephant with same size was added named Wendelin. From now on there was not (in the meantime also from the mode turned out) the seat stool any longer, both animals sat next to each other on a two-seat sofa. The additional figure offered above all further possibilities in the discussion with the Showmaster. To the conclusion Wendelin induced its trunk in such a way that a knot formed therein.

Loriot brought out also a book with adventures of the two.

the blue Klaus

again later supplemented the blue Klaus occasionally the scenery, a smaller figure in people shape. She came with hardly larger UFO a saucer flying to form rapidly into the picture floated and landed before the feet of the two animals. Subsequently, a cover and the extraterrestial one opened in the discussion were also included. The blue Klaus was originally green: a Belgian Cartonnist inserted however objection, since he produced green males already longer, and one agreed on the color blue.

further figures

also still the lazy dog Hugo and the pig gave to Ms Berta than angeberische secretary.


domicile developed for emergence the indication trick bringing in a Studio at the Starnberger lake. For this only the texts were written, spoken then of Loriot and finally photographed individually the lip-synchronous movements. Loriot is to be heard also on the record, equally he gave his voice to the other figures. Only in later years Jörg Knör transferred the synchronisation, whereby one could hear practically no difference.


only around some advertising spots, Loriot the dog originally went to rights there not be protected could not. Wim Thoelke used itself for the fact that this later happened for everything except the coverage right. It concerned millions of sold Merchandising products.

the end

with the running out of the Quizshow no more further sequences of Wum appeared.


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