Rohwurst</br>Geräucherte Mettwurst im Kunstdarm,</br>luftgetrocknete Salami im Naturdarm
raw sausage< /br> smoked Metz sausage in the art intestine,< /br> air-dried salami in the nature intestine
Brühwurst</br>Geräucherte Fleischwurst (Lyoner) im Kunstdarm,</br>heißgeräucherte und getrocknete Dauerwurst aus Österreich im Kunstdarm,</br> Weißwurst im Naturdarm
Brühwurst< /br> smoked Fleischwurst (Lyoner) in the art intestine,< /br> hot-smoked and dried continuous sausage from Austria in the art intestine,< /br> White sausage in the nature intestine
Kochwurst</br>Geräucherte Blutwurst im Naturdarm,</br>geräucherte hessische Leberwurst im Naturdarm
cook sausage< /br> smoked blood sausage in the nature intestine,< /br> smoked hessian liver sausage in the nature intestine

sausage is a preparationfrom cut up meat, bacon, salt and spices, with certain sorts also using blood and Innereien. The prepared mass, the Brät, is filled in intestines, blisters or stomachs and depending upon sort throughCooking or baking refined and/or. by drying and/or smoking conserves. With industrially manufactured sausage frequently art intestines, also glasses and cans are used.

The production of sausage as fresh a meat as possible becomes (particularly of the pig, cattle and calf,besides also of lamb, poultry and game) and bacon gewiegt finely and/or. with the Fleischwolf cut up and with the spices shifts. For very fine sausages the mass is converted additionally with the Kutter to a homogeneous paste.

Afterthe manufacturing processes sausage sorts are divided into three groups:

  • Raw sausage consists of raw meat, bacon and spices and becomes either freshly verzehrt or by drying and/or. Smoke conserved. In the case of this maturing additionally lactic acid bacteria , partly also noble mould , play a role.Raw sausages further divided into brushable and cutable raw sausages. Typical brushable raw sausages are not those or only briefly matured Metz - and dte sausage. Typical cut-firm of raw sausages are the longer matured, hard sausages such as salami, land hunter and Zervelatwurst.
  • Brühwurst is made of very fine Brät, frequently under additive of Pökelsalz. The Brät water or ice will become added and the sausages, partly after the hot smoking, gebrüht or at moderate temperature baked. The Brät can also inserts howBacon or ham cube added its. Well-known Brühwürste is Frankfurt ones and Viennese, Mortadella, Lyoner (Fleischwurst) and white sausage. In the broader sense also liver cheese belongs to the Brühwürsten.
  • Cook sausage becomes predominantly out already cooked added like liver, tongue orMeat manufactured, which are bound with blood , Grütze or jelly. They are generally speaking again refined, partly also smoked. To the cook sausages belong blood and liver sausage, Grützwurst, press head, black stomach, sow stomach and Haggis.

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