Wyborg (Russian Выборг, German Wiburg, Swedish Viborg, Finnish Viipuri) is a formerly Finnish city in the Oblast Leningrad. It lies in the historical region Karelien between pc. Petersburg and the Finnish border with 78.700 inhabitants (conditions: 2004).

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the geographical coordinates are: 60,70° north, 28,75° east. Into Wyborg the 1845-56 established Saimaakanal flow into the Baltic Sea, which the Finnish sea-plate (Saimaa - lake) with Lappeenranta with the Baltic Sea connects. Wyborg is because of the railway line Helsinki - sank Petersburg.

Wyborg besieged history the Russians several times in vain. To 12. June 1710 arose it as a result of surrender to the Russian admiral count Apraxin.

To the end 19. Century had Wyborg 6 churches, an old gothical lock, a High School, a navigation school, iron foundry, mechanical engineering, a port, substantial trade with boards and in the year 1886 had the city of 16,639 inhabitants. Wyborg was at that time seat of the governor von Wyborg, a lutherischen Konsistoriums and the yard court for the three Gouvernements Kuopio, pc. Michel and Wyborg as well as a German consul.

After the winter war and the continuation war 1944 the largest part of Kareliens with Wyborg fell to the Soviet Union at that time. Wyborg was at that time the second largest city of Finland. Since Hanse - there were times in Wyborg a German operational readiness level, until 1940 apart from the Finnish majority supplementiert with Sweden and Russian. They were evacuated all into the west.

Today the city belongs to Russia. In Wyborg the new Baltic Sea pipeline of the company Gasprom is to begin.


  • Wyborg accommodates the department of the northeast academy for government service and
  • a branch of the national engineer-economic academy sank Petersburg.
  • In close proximity to Vyborg a HGÜ is - Kurzkupplung for the change of electricity between the Scandinavian and Russian electricity mains since 1982. It consists of three bipolar HGÜ Kurzkupplungen with an operating voltage of 85 kV and a maximum transmission rate of 355 megawatts, so that the entire maximum transmission rate amounts to 1065 megawatts.

objects of interest

Wyborger castle
  • the castle of Wyborg was established to 1293 on the small island Linnan Saari as bulwark of Sweden. The castle is publicly accessible, today is accommodated in the interiors a museum over the history of the region. In addition one can mount the castle tower (Olafturm), from which a beautiful view is offered over the city.
  • , In particular the round tower “Katharina” greases defenses of the city (last extensions 1547-50) at the today's market place, in which today a restaurant is accommodated.
  • Clock tower, establishes 1490. In the year 1793 Katharina donated II. (Russia) a bell for the tower.
  • Municipal library, establishes 1927-1935 of Alvar Aalto.
  • Community centres from the Finnish period in the nationalromantic style.

sons and daughters of the city

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Coordinates: 60° 42 ′ 8 " n. Break, 28° 45 ′ 46 " o. L.


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