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flag seal Wyomings
Flagge Wyomings Siegel Wyomings
Karte der USA, Wyoming hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: „Equality State “
capital: Cheyenne
largest city: Cheyenne
rank (within the USA): 10
altogether: 253,554 km ²
Country: 251,706 km ²
water (%): 1,851 km ² (0.7%)
rank (within the USA): 50
altogether (2000): 493.782
density: 1,9/km ²
member state
place: 44
since: 10. July 1890
time belt: Mountain: UTC-7/-6
degree of latitude: 41° N to 45°N
degree of longitude: 104°3' W to 111°3' W
broad: 450 km
length: 580 km
highest situation: 4,207 m
average situation: 2,040 m
deepest situation: 945 m
governor: Dave Freudenthal
postal: WY
officially: Wyo.
ISO 3166-2: US-WY

Wyoming [waɪˈoʊmɪŋ] is with well 500,000 inhabitants the population-moderately smallest Federal State of the USA and to Alaska the Federal State with the secondarysmallest population density. It lies in the west of the United States and rises from the PlainsEast Wyomings to the Rocky Mountains on. Its name originates from the language of the Algonkin - Indians and means large ones levels. It was taken from the poem Gertrude OF Wyoming, which Thomas Campell had written 1809. The largest place is the capital Cheyenne.

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up to the end 19. Century was Wyoming to a large part of Indians of the following trunks inhabits: Absarokee, Arapaho, Bannock, Cheyenne, Lakota, Pawnee, northern one and eastern Shoshone as well as Ute. After the white ones of the east continued to continue to and to the west,the Indian trunks Wyomings turned out ever more strongly under pressure.

Since end 17. Century belonged Wyoming with exception of the southwest to the French colony Louis IANA. 1762 went the territory at Spain, 1800 again at France. Three years later acquired the USAwith the Louis IANA Purchase the area of the Louis IANA colony for 15 million US Dollar. The southwest part belonged only to Utah.

End 18. Century advanced in the north possibly French falling plates as first white ones into the area of Wyoming, securedhowever only the journeys of John Colter are in the year 1807 into the Yellowstone area. Its reports of Geysiren and other hoisting sources someone hardly gave to faith. Later Jim Bridger the south passport explored twenty years over the Rockies. This route becamestarting from 1841 part of the Oregon Trails, over which many pioneers advanced to the west. Along the Trails shot within a short time many Forts from the soil, in Wyoming for example away Laramie (1834) and away Bridger (1843). 1850 discovered Bridgeralso the Bridger passport, which starting from 1868 the union Pacific Railroad for their railway line used. After Wyoming with the railway had been opened, developed soon the first cities such as Cheyenne, Laramie, Rawlins, skirt jump and Evanston. In20. Century was built a Highway over the Bridger passport, the inter+done 80.

After the union Pacific Railroad 1867 had connected the city Cheyenne with the east, the number of the white ones rose in Wyoming continuously. To 25. July 1868they created the Wyoming Territory. Contrary to the neighbouring Federal States Montana, South Dakota and Colorado never gave it in Wyoming a sudden increase in the population due to larger jewel finds such as gold and silver. Copper became only in different parts Wyomingsfound.

The Wyoming territory (from that the Federal State developed later) introduced 1869 as the first area of the USA the woman right to vote . Wyoming selected later also the first female delegate in the US parliament, had the first female Friedensrichterin and 1925 with Nellie Tayloe Rossthe first Gouverneurin (Prime Minister) of the USA.

1872 created the US Government the first national park of the world, the Yellowstone national park, which lies to 96% in Wyoming.

Karte Wyomings
Map Wyomings

in 19. Many Indian trunks Wyomings a desperate defensive war led century against the white ones flowing in.The allied Lakota, Arapaho and Cheyenne triumphed in some skirmishes and battles over troops of the US army - they carried the most well-known victory from the battle at the Little bending horn (1876) of it - toward end 19. Century had they howeverbefore the white supremacy capitulate. A substantial factor with the fact was that the white ones shot the Bisons systematically and so that the base of life from the Indians extracted. One itself with the Bisonjagd particularly out-done was William Frederick Cody, better well-known than Buffalo Bill. Toward end 19. Century lived all Indians Wyomings in Indian reservations, usually outside of Wyomings. In Wyoming the wind River reservation was only created, which is inhabited by the eastern Shoshone and the northern Arapaho.

1892 followed itLand disputes between white ones to the Johnson County war.

To 10. July 1890 was attached the Federal State the USA.


South passport in the southwest Wyomings

the first condition Wyomings from the year 1890 are still into force. At thatPoint of the executive stands the governor, who is selected for four years. The legislation Wyomings consists of a senate with 30 and a parliament with 60 members. The Federal State sends a delegate into the US house of representatives and (like all Federal States)two senators into the US senate. With Präsidentenwahlen it places thus three electors.

Wyoming is considered most conservative, and on national level seen to the one of the most reliably republican selecting states of the United States of America as one. Since 1964 haveWyoming no more been correct for a democratic presidency candidate. In the presidency election George W. red-elect later has 2004 Bush with 69% of the voices third biggest choice success to book can. The present vice-president Dick Cheney originates from Wyoming and has the statefrom 1979 to 1989 in the congress represent.

However the democrats did not occupy the office for governor since 1975 only eight years. The present governor Dave Freudenthal, was selected 2002 and has one of the highest agreement rates of the whole country.

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Geografie and vegetation

the 23 Counties of Wyoming
Devils Tower

Wyoming border in the north on Montana, in the east on South Dakota and Nebraska, in the south on Colorado and in the west on Utah and Idaho.

The climatein Wyoming is coined/shaped by dryness in the summer and cold weather in the winter. Over the timber line the temperature can fall at night also in the summer under the freezing point. A majority of the country does not receive any more than 25 cm precipitation per year andis a half desert, which bewachsen particularly with desert with foot are. Agriculture can be operated only laboriously, instead cattle breeding is far common, particularly at the foot of the mountains. The predominant part is grass-quilts, 14% is wooded.

Different mountain courses of the Rockies finditself in Wyoming: The Snowy rank in the south, the wind River rank, Absaroka rank, Teton rank and Wyoming rank in the northwest and bend horn Mountains in the north. The highest point Wyomings is the Gannett peak in the windRiver rank. The Teton rank extends over 80 km and resident the Grand Teton national park. The Yellowstone national park lies in the northwest corner of the Federal State, behind the Absaroka rank. The average height amounts to approximately 2000 meters over Normalnull.

Grand Tetonand Snake River

different rivers rise in or flow by Wyoming, under it the Yellowstone River, Powder River, bending horn River and North plate River. From the northeast Wyomings into the south runs the North American Wasserscheide. A characteristicthe Great Divide Basin in the southern part of Wyomings represents. From there the water flows into no ocean, on the contrary or evaporates it seeps.

The high-altitude Plains in Wyoming is the homeland of hare, prairie dogs, Kojoten, fork supports, Rattling queues, Habichten, moorland chickens and pheasants. Bisons like also fork supports were end 19. Century in the Plains due to excessive chase almost exterminated. After the fork supports had been placed under protection, they increased again from approximately 5000Animals in the year 1903 on today more than one half million. The Bisons received a last retreat area with the Yellowstone national park. Their existence could stabilize there.

Contrary to the Plains the Rocky Mountains is partly wooded in Wyoming. Inthe low ranges of the Rockies live Pumas, Rotluchse and deer, within the ranges thick horn sheep and snow goats lain more highly. The moreover one mammals are such as squirrels, strip crescents , Waschbären , Stachelschweine and stinking animals in the mountains,in the Yellowstone region in addition, Wapitis, moose, wolves, black and Grizzlybären. Into the early years 19. Century were far common beavers in the mountains Wyomings. They became their furs because of almost up to exterminationimprisoned. Today they are protected, their existence recover slow.

largest cities

Capitol State Building in Cheyenne
City County inhabitant
(1. July 2004)
Cheyenne Laramie 55,362
Casper Natrona 51,240
Laramie Albany 26,441
Gillette Campbell 22,260
skirt jump Sweetwater 18,746
Sheridan Sheridan 16,118
Green River Sweetwater 11,807
Evanston Uinta 11,407

the town Cody is appropriate for approximately 40 km east the Yellowstone national park. It accommodates a Buffalo Bill museum, which the memory at William Frederick ‚Buffalo Bill `Cody (1846 - 1917) serves. BuffaloBill was end 19. Century joint founder of the city Cody.


barks Fourche River in the northeast Wyomings

2005 became the total population Wyomings on 509.294 estimated. Thus the number would have increased within a yearly by 3.407 persons, whichcorresponds to a population growth of 0.7%. Since the Census of 2000 the population rose due to a higher birth as mortality rate around 12.165 and due to higher than drift around 4.035 persons. 2004 were the foreigner portion about 11.000 persons (2.2%).

In the year 2000 88,9% of the population white one, 6,4% Hispanics , were 2,3% Indian, 0,8% black, 0,6% Asian and 2,5% others. 1,8% belonged to several races. Over a quarter of the population (25,9%)had German ancestors, 15,9% English, 13,3% Irish, 6,5% American and 4,3% Norwegian.

Spreading of the religions
Religion per cent
of 1. Protestant 53%
2. Roman-catholic 18%
3. Mormonen 7%
4. Other religions 1%
5. No official religion associated 21%

education and industry

Wapiti bull in the Shoshone national Forest

Wyoming count altogether eight colleges: Casper college, cent ral Wyoming college, Eastern Wyoming college, Laramie County Community college, Northwest college, Sheridan college, WesternWyoming Community college, Wyoming Technical of institutes.

The University OF Wyoming in Laramie is the only university of the Federal State.

Apart from the cattle and sheep breed other branches of trade play a subordinated role. Owing to artificial irrigation become something wheat, beans and sugar beetscultivated. Besides oil is promoted and - gas, diminished iron, uranium, coal and oil shale.

The tourism plays particularly in the Rockies, in the Yellowstone and in the Teton national park, an important role. Among the most well-known objects of interest Wyomings rank the Yellowstone national park, the Grand Teton national park as well as the Devils Tower, which is in the northeast Wyomings, in close proximity to Moorcroft in the Crook County.

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  • John God mountain: Hidden Wyoming, Ulysses press, Berkeley, California, 1999, ISBN 1-56975-175-7

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