Wyoming (ship)

the WYOMING was the largest wooden Schoner of the world and the longest wood ship in addition. It ran to 15. December 1909 in Bath, Maine, with Percy & Small for own calculation as the last nine wooden Sechsmastgaffelschoner of new England of the pile (it gave also some wood six-masters from Oregon (US west coast). Their Klüverbaum measured ~30 m, its Besan - (Spanker) - tree 27 M. The ship was designated to the US Federal State Wyoming, there its seventh governor (as Federal State), Bryant B. Brooks, an investor of the ship was. The Schoner could load maximally 6,000 ts (1 clay/tone = 1.016 t) and ran in the coal travel (English: “coal carrier” or “collier”), American east coast and transatlantically. Its crew amounted to only 11 - 13 men (inclusive Officers).

The designation of the six masts:

  • fore, Main, mizzen, more jigger, more driver, more spanker (mast); German: Pre, large, cross, dancer, driver, mizzenmast;

The WYOMING was a very beautiful and impressive ship. Like all large Holzschoner their trunk from wood under the load suffered by charge and lake: Rotate, forgiven and a bending (English: “hogging” - bending the ship center upward - and “say-went” - bending downward) the trunk; the ship had to be gelenzt continuously . It changed three times the owner and drove on 14 years the sea.

To 24. March 1924 sank the large Schoner with coal deeply unloaded on the travel from Norfolk, Virginia to Canada with the Abwettern of a northeast storm in the Nantucket Sund; all sailors including captain Charles Glaesel found death. The wreck could not be found first despite intensive search projects ( since 1978). In the meantime the wreck of the Schoners with sonar is to have been located (3. November 2003).

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