Yıldıray Baştürk

Yıldıray Baştürk (* 24. December 1978 in Herne) is a Turkish football player born in Germany.

The son of a mountain man began his football career as a small boy with the sport friends tub Eickel. As a young person Baştürk for the SG played cotton wool-separates 09, but he created the break-through by the federal league ascent with the VfL Bochum, with which he played even in the UEFA cup. By the change to Bavarian 04 Leverkusen it could succeed finally. With Leverkusen it created among other things 2002 the introduction in championsleague - final (approximately material Madrid), the vice-championship in the federal league, the introduction in the cup final and still in the same year the third place in the WM in Japan and South Korea with the Turkish national team.

In July 2004 then the change followed to Hertha BSC to Berlin. „Illi ranked also there “already in its first year despite injury problems among the success guarantors (in the plays of the season 2004/05 without Bastürk the Hertha not one victory did not succeed) and supporting columns in heart-help.

Baştürks strength lies in it, than technically unusually talented player in the centre zone the play to steer to be able and be even torgefährlich. In the team of Hertha BSC it complements itself well with its fellow player Marcelinho, which has a similar strength profile.


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