Yılmaz Güney

Yılmaz Güney, actually Yılmaz Pütün, (* 9. September 1937 in Adana; † 9. September 1984 in Paris) was one of the most well-known Turkish actors and directors.

Yilmaz Güney

Güney is alevitisch Kurdish origin and comes from very ärmlichen conditions. Its father originates from Siverek in Şanlıurfa and his nut/mother from Varto in mash. When he became acquainted with student at the university in Ankara the director Atif Yılmaz , with which he turned its first films. As an actor Güney was a people hero, because humans identified themselves with his roles. It often played poor and suppressed humans, who do not give up despite everything.

1970 succeeded to it with Umut - hope the crucial artistic break-through as a director. As a film producer it was also internationally successful, each Turkish director must this very day with it to be measured be able.

Güney murdered a Turkish judge to 13. July 1974. However the judge was private and coincidental in the same bar as Güney and its wife. When the judge pressed his wife came it to the controversy, in whose process Güney shot the man. For the homicide he was condemned for 24 years Gefängins. It sat among other things also in the prison of Imrali, of where it could flee 1981. To its escape Yılmaz Güney went to France, where he spent the remainder of his life. It was excluded afterwards still from the Turkish nationality.

Its most well-known film is Yol - which way, for which it wrote the film script. For him it received the golden palm to 1982 with the film festival Cannes. It died 1984 at stomach cancer and on that Paris cemetery Père Lachaise was buried.

films, in which it led direction and which had main role

  • 1959 - Alageyik, le vatanin çoçuklari
  • 1963 - İkisi de Cesurdu
  • 1964 - ago Gün Ölmektense, Kamalı Zeybek Koçero
  • 1965 - Kasımpaşalı, Kasımpaşalı Recep, Konyakçı, Krallar Kralı
  • 1966 - Aslanların Dönüşü, Eşref Paşalı, Hudutların Kanunu, Yedi Dağın Aslanı, Tilki Selim
  • 1967 - RK Hırsızı Banuş, Şeytanın Oğlu
  • 1968 - Azrail Benim, Kargacı Halil
  • 1969 - Belanın Yedi Türlüsü, Cesur
  • 1970 - İmzam Kanla Yazılı, Sevgili Muhafızım, Şeytan Kayaları
  • 1982 - Yol The way


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